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Hybrid Log & Timber Home in Idaho

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Taking in the many architectural dimensions of this stunning log and timber hybrid home, it is hard not to see the inspirations that fueled this home’s design. Fernando and Sylvia found their inspirations from the beauty around them as well as from their European roots to make their home a unique extension of their style and personality.


View of New Meadows IdahobulletInspired by: European Architecture

Drawing on their Argentinean roots to fuel their European design, the couple wanted to build a log home that reminded them of their homeland. M.T.N Design aided this vision by incorporating elements like arched entries, petite dormers and eyebrow dormers, smaller more intimate rooms, a hearth room and an emphasis on outdoor living space.


Sylvia had a particular feature in mind for the kitchen area. By including a Spanish-tiled and Venetian finished hearth room with an adobe fireplace, the room would provide a very euro-traditional space for her to entertain and socialize with family and friends while preparing meals.


Although the couple’s children were grown and out of the house, it did not deter them from including several smaller European bedrooms. Each room has its own unique design, with balconies or large window spaces distinguishing them. Now when their children come to visit, they want to experience each and every one by staying in a different room each time.


bulletInspired by: Sylvia’s Originality

Timber Frame Home in IdahoAlong with European elements, Sylvia and Fernando wanted to incorporate special accents into each living space. Reclaimed wood is featured in rooms throughout the house; the mantle in the master bedroom and the main staircase’s artisan twisted railing are examples of this. Substantial natural stones are seen in the design both within the interior and along the exterior of the home.


The kitchen island is a feature that Sylvia had a distinct and specific look she wanted to capture. Wanting a rich, stately piece of wood for the island top, Sylvia researched several different styles and species to create a completely one-of-a-kind piece, created locally.


The accents of the couple’s design were not just limited to their home; a bridge was also built over the property’s creek to create an old-world ambiance as you cross, while an elevated pool and outdoor fire place adorn their outdoor living space.


bulletInspired by: The MontclaireMontclaire Floor Plan

Understanding that every eye is attracted to a different style of design, PrecisionCraft presents a variety of floor plan concepts. When Fernando and Sylvia’s eyes landed on the French Country inspired Montclaire, the couple knew they had found the right floor plan to build their unique dream home upon.


Although the original plan was heavily modified, the essence of the original Montclaire design can still be found in the couple’s completed home. Often, all someone needs is a spark to start them along the path to their dream home.





Complete with a backyard view of the sweeping valley below and a view of the thick, surrounding foliage from the front, Fernando and Sylvia were able to achieve the quiet, privacy they had hoped for, thus inspiring them to name the home “La Soledad,” or “solitude”.


Tour This Custom Hybrid Log and Timber Home, Room by Room



Tour this Hybrid Log & Timber Home


See pictures and floor plans for this custom hybrid log and timber home.

Hybrid Log & Timber Frame Skeleton
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