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Timber Frame Home in Idaho

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The award-winning Laurette Chateau floor plan is an inspiration to many and perfect for build sites with breathtaking mountain views. In fact, this is where our Inspired Living story begins; on a hill in Central Idaho, amongst the lush Boise National Forest. This is Kelly and Marie’s story. We hope it inspires you as much as it did us.


bulletInspired by: The View

View of New Meadows IdahoKelly and Marie didn’t have a favorite floor plan when they found the perfect build location amidst the Boise National Forest. In fact, they weren’t even set on building a custom timber frame home. After some searching, Kelly and Marie thought they had found the right home for them. Knowing their heart’s desire to have a spectacular mountain view, their realtor decided that Kelly and Marie had to see one more spot (one without a home on it), before making a final decision. When they saw the view, Kelly and his wife knew instantly that this is where they wanted their home to be.


The view is one that makes the eyes widen and the jaw drop. Located at the top of the hill, Kelly and Marie’s build site boasts a beautiful view of the mountainside with an uninterrupted canvas of the valley below it. They can even see the top of a local ski resort not far off in the distance.


quoteMarie shares, "There is something for everyone to do. You can go for a hike in the forest, play a round of golf down on the course, ski in the winter, or just sit out on the deck and relax. There are lakes and rivers within a short drive, and we aren't far from town either. It is an ideal location for a mountain style home."



Now that they had found the perfect spot, Kelly and Marie needed to find an equally outstanding floor plan design to match.


bulletInspired by: The Floor Plan

Timber Frame Home in IdahoquoteMany people spend years searching hundreds of different floor plans; ones that showcase a specific style, layout, or size. For Kelly and Marie, their search focused on plans that would fit well with their build location.


“We had a couple of plans in mind,” Kelly says. “First, we wanted a plan that would capture the view, since that is why we bought the property in the first place. Second, we wanted our home to be warm, open and completely functional."


In their pursuit for a floor plan that would highlight a one-of-a-kind vista, Kelly and Marie fell in love with M.T.N Design’s Laurette Chateau plan. Kelly and Marie felt that the massive timber window "framed their view like a picture" while the large wraparound deck and multiple patios made outdoor living easy.


"We liked the plan overall,” says Marie. “We worked with M.T.N Design to cover the patio, enlarge the basement and modify some of the roof lines. Working with the designers was a piece of cake."


"Now that we have lived here for a while, we can say that the distribution of square footage amongst the levels works really well. We live in every room in the house, there is no unused space. And for a home that is over 5,500 square feet it still has a very cozy feel to it."


bulletInspired by: The Chance to Build a Legacy

Kelly and MarieKelly and Marie sought to do more than just build a house; they set out to create a home that would be in their family for generations to come. As they began to share their vision, their M.T.N designer said, “So you are looking to build a legacy home.”


quoteThat’s when it hit Kelly and Marie. They instantly responded, “That is exactly what we want! A home that would be enjoyed by our family and friends for years and years to come."


In the end, Kelly and Marie said that the house turned out perfectly for their entire family.


"Our home is great for get-togethers and events because there is room for everyone and a place for everyone to feel at home," noted Marie. "It is hard to envision our lives now, without our legacy timber home."


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Tour this Timber Frame Home

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