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Custom Mountain Home Construction


Construction Solutions

PrecisionCraft has been providing timber and log homes for over 20 years, and in that time one thing remains true, no two projects are ever the same. As part of our Total Home Solution® we give you complete design freedom during the design phase. We believe that the construction phase should be just as flexible. That is why we offer three construction solutions, and give you the option to choose the path that works best for you.


You Already Have a Builder

If you already have a builder in mind or prefer to do the leg work of finding a builder yourself, you are welcome to do so. You still receive fully engineered construction documents, professional installation of the log and timber materials, and we are available for questions from your builder during construction.


Builder Bid Administration

Many of our clients prefer that we help them find a qualified local builder. If you choose Builder Bid Administration, PrecisionCraft will use our expertise and experience to help you find the most compatible builder for your timber or log home project. Your project manager will also perform inspections at the site during construction, and work directly with your builder if needed.

- Learn more about Builder Bid Administration.


PC Design Build

Your third construction option is our complete Design Build service. With Design Build, we act as your general contractor, giving you one point of contact and accountability throughout the entire home building project. Using streamlined processes, aggressive cost controls, and state-of-the-art timeline management techniques, we deliver the highest quality build.


- Learn more about Design Build.

A Look at the Construction Process:


Step 1: Complete the site work, excavation, & foundation.

Breaking ground! During this step of the construction process, your chosen builder will perform any necessary site improvements, stake the perimeter of the house, clear and excavate the building envelope and pour the foundation.


Log Home Foundation


Step 2: Fabrication of the log & timber structure and install on your foundation.


The log and timber materials for your home have been pre-cut at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensuring the utmost care and attention to quality and detail. Using the highest quality materials and the industry’s most technologically advanced engineering, our PrecisionCraft team then constructs the structural shell of your home on your foundation.


Timber Frame Structure


View Manufacturing Video

Step 3: Dry-in completed around the structural shell.


Once the structural shell is installed, your chosen builder will dry-in your home.


Mountain Home Dry In

Step 4: Finish construction, bringing together the home materials you’ve selected.


You’ve spent months picking out the perfect flooring, stone accents, countertops, cabinets, light fixtures and other materials that make your house your home. Now you will watch as all of these elements come together and make your house a home.


Log Home Finishes


Step 5: You are ready to "Turn the Key" and move into your new home!


With construction complete, you see how all the years of planning and dreaming have finally resulted in the perfect mountain style home for you and your family!


Finished Timber Frame Home