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Cost Feasability


Designing to Your Budget


Architectural TeamYou’ve decided to move forward with building your dream home. You imagine its layout and size. You begin to visualize the architectural details that make this home uniquely you. There is no doubt, you have a definite idea of what your home should look like.


Much like the look and feel of your home, you probably have a budget in mind. Turning your dream home into a reality means more than just conceiving the perfect plan. It means designing a home at a cost you’re willing and able to spend.


How Design Elements Impact Cost


Size of Plan

The size of your timber or log home is the most influential variable because the size will impact each of the other variables. M.T.N Design will work with you to blend your layout desires with your budget goals.


View Log Home Size & Layout Alterations


Architectural Complexity & BalanceRoof Complexity example

The number of corners, roof ridge lines and roof valleys can add architectural interest to your design but can also impact your home's overall turnkey price. Your designer will identify your home's ideal balance of architectural complexity.


See Examples of Complexity Adjustments



Choice of Building Materials

Part of the design process is choosing the type and density of materials that work best for you project. Your designer will help you choose materials such as: log, timber, stone, and glass that enhance your design and are within your specified budget.


Understand Product Selection



Stone exampleStone example

Level of Finishes

Choosing finishes for your project will determine the final look and feel of your new timber or log home. M.T.N will help you understand how much impact these choices will have on your entire project. We also offer interior design services.


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