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Design Process


The Design Process- Working with M.T.N Design


Gather Log Home Pictures and Designs

Stage 1: Inspiring Your Log Home Design


From the moment you decide to build your dream home, everything changes. A leisurely drive turns into a review of the architectural detail in the surrounding homes. A trip to the book store becomes a source of design inspiration. Wherever you go you find yourself thinking about your future home. Providing a collection of photos, floor plans, and sketches is a great way to communicate your vision to your M.T.N designer. Some clients arrive with a folder of papers, many send electronic images, and others just pull up their Pinterest accounts.

 Design Meeting Example

Stage 2: Initial Design Meeting


Once you are ready to begin the design phase, you will meet one-on-one with M.T.N Design and your client representative.


You can choose to attend the Design Meeting in person or from anywhere, using the latest in online conferencing technology. The meeting starts with a discussion of your needs, architectural preferences and budget parameters.


Based on your unique needs, your designer will start to draw your home. You will watch the screen, in real time, as your designer sketches your layout and modifies the design in response to your comments. Your designer will also showcase their expertise and offer advice to help achieve your needs including your budget goals.

Conceptual Design Sketch

Stage 3: Receiving Your Design Set


In the weeks following the design meeting, your designer will develop your Conceptual Design Drawings. These drawings, created in Auto CAD, will illustrate the basic layout and appearance of your home through floor plans, elevations and renderings.


Your M.T.N designer will formally present your Conceptual Design Drawings. Together, you will ensure that the layout of your home, and its look and feel meet your expectations. Based on this conversation, we will make any adjustments to the plans that you direct us to, always contemplating the impact on overall budget and architectural styling.


Accepted Log Home DesignStage 4: Ready to Move Forward


With a detailed conceptual plan, including renderings of all four elevations illustrated on photos of your property, you will have a very good idea of what your final home will look like. We know it is vital that you "see" your home before you have the confidence to move forward. It is during the build phase that your M.T.N designer will refine your plan and prepare your Engineered Construction Documents.