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Find a Builder for your Log Home


Builder Bid Administration - Help Finding a Builder

Finding the most qualified log home builder to finish your custom home is crucial to ensuring your project is a success. But, doing so can be an overwhelming task, especially if you don't live where you plan to build. If you need help finding a builder and would like an advocate during the entire construction of your home, our Builder Bid Administration construction solution may be the right fit for you.


Your project manager will help you select the best builder for your home by doing much of the groundwork for you. This process involves qualifying builders, requesting bids and estimated timelines for completion. This competitive builder identification process is designed to help you meet your project budget by yielding optimal pricing and superior quality.


Steps in the Builder Bid Administration Process:

  • Your project manager will prepare a Request For Proposal (RFP) which will include construction drawings, engineering and structural specifications. 
  • RFP bid packets will be sent to prospective builders (including any you provide).
  • While he waits for responses, he will perform Builder Due Diligence reports which include: references, financial history,  license and insurance checks.
  • Prospective builders respond to the Project Manager with their detailed bid.
  • Information included in the bid will be analyzed and compared to M.T.N Design's initial cost estimate and national averages, for reasonableness. 
  • Your project manager will then provide you with each builders' proposal and Due Diligence report.
  • You then review the reports and interview the builders you would like to consider.
  • When you are satisfied in your selection, you will sign a construction contract with your chosen builder.

Construction InspectionsHandcrafted Log Home Inspection


Once your builder is selected, Builder Bid Administration services continue into the construction of your home. Your project manager will conduct a series of on-site inspections to ensure your home is being built according to your plans and with the utmost attention to quality and detail.


During these inspections we will help identify any potential problems to your builder and address them immediately. Doing so will help keep your home project on schedule.


Some inspections may require your involvement while others can be performed by your project manager. Either way we will keep you informed of your project's progress and act as your advocate until you turn the key and move into your PrecisionCraft home.