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Log Homes and Unique Build Sites


Site Planning & Review: Fitting Your Custom Home on Your Land


Log Home Site Planning: Capture Your ViewYou’ve found the perfect location for your custom mountain home. From here, it’s up to us to ensure your timber frame or log home captures your scenic view. Whether it’s a majestic ridgeline, snow-covered pines or a theater-like view of the lake, your M.T.N designer will consider all the essential characteristics of your land in the design of your home. In addition to placing your log home deisgn on your build site in a way that best captures your view corridors, your designer will also ensure your home will match the contours of your land and meet any specific jurisdictional requirements or regulatory codes.

Site Planning, Ensuring Your Design Fits Your LandWalking Your Site

The best way for us to envision your one-of-a-kind log or timber frame home on your land is to meet with you, in person, at your build site. Prior to your design meeting, a representative will travel to your site, take pictures and discuss the unique layout of your location. When you receive your Conceptual Design Drawings, pictures of your site,will be used to illustrate how your mountain style home will look on your property. Example on the left.

Your Land, Slope and DesignTopography

As part of the site planning process, your M.T.N designer will ensure your plan is appropriate for your building site. Taking into account your site’s grade, views, construction costs and any required setbacks, your designer will propose the best layout for your custom home. Considering your site’s specific grade early in the design process will help your designer better evaluate the need to engage outside consultants (such as a civil or geotechnical engineer) and will also help reduce any unexpected expenses later down the road. To learn more about the connection between a site’s slope and the custom design process, read "Designing for a Sloped or Steep Site".


Having built thousands of custom timber frame and log homes throughout the world, we understand that each build site falls under its own combination of jurisdictional requirements. M.T.N Design will identify any regulatory bodies or governing associations in your area and determine the best course for contacting and interacting with them. Examples include: homeowners associations, forestry departments, and zoning agencies.

Build Location, Planning for Your Custom Log HomeServices

We will identify local providers for power, water, gas and septic, and examine accessibility. Your design drawings will take these details into account.


Regulatory Codes

Again, each build location is different so a thorough investigation into any building codes, regulations, zoning requirements or other compliances will be taken into account during the design phase. Some regulatory codes, for example, often place detailed height and setback limits. A working understanding of parameters such as this will make your project a success and save you time and money.