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Design Build - From Concept to Completion


Design Build - Our Complete Construction Solution


For clients who prefer a single point of contact, Design Build could be the right construction solution. Design Build is a perfect option for clients who have a project with an estimated turnkey cost of at least $2 million, which is located someplace other than their primary residence.


Building a custom home is a complex and detailed process which requires the expertise of multiple people along the way. PrecisionCraft's Design Build solution combines all these experts into a single source. You work directly with your PrecisionCraft team from the moment you start the design process, until you move into your new home.

  • Efficient Timelines: Your project manager has been involved with your custom timber or log home from the design phase. He knows your project and has direct access to the architect. This intimate knowledge helps him to foresee issues and prepare more effectively, resulting in more efficient build timelines.
  • 3rd Party Finishes: As part of our interior design services, we have relationships with a number of quality finish companies. Even if you do not engage our interior design staff, your project manager has access to these products and discounts.
  • Cost Controls: As your advocate through the entire building process, it is in both our interests to find the best subcontractors at the best cost - instead of choosing subs based on personal relationships.

Cost Control Estimate

ConstructionBuilding upon your preliminary turnkey cost estimate developed with your conceptual plans, your project manager will use your engineered construction documents to obtain detailed bids from qualified subcontractors. This bid information will be used to assemble your Control Estimate and this is what your project manager will use to manage subcontractors.

  • Subcontractor Competitive Bids: Your project manager will submit your construction drawings to subcontractors within each trade category (plumbing, electrical, masonry, etc.)
  • Bid Analysis: With bids in hand, your project manager will review the completeness of each subcontractor’s bid evaluating pricing, quality, availability and estimated timeline for completion.
  • Bid Awarding: Together, you and your project manager will select and award the subcontractors that are a "best fit" for your project.