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Timber Frame Home Under Construction


Project Management - Seamless Transitions

Planning, oversight and consistency are all critical to the success of your custom home project. This is why, from the very beginning, you are assigned a team that includes your Client Representative, Designer, and Project Manager. This team works closely together during all stages of the home building process, each taking the lead at the appropriate phase.


Your project manager will be introduced to you during your design meeting so they can start to become familiar with the scope of your project. Once you are ready to move into the construction phase, your project manager will already be monitoring your timeline and preparing for construction - creating a seamless transition.


The Role of Your Project Manager

The complete role of your project manager will depend on the construction solution you choose. No matter which solution you choose, pre-construction is where your project manager takes the lead.



In the time between the creation of your design and breaking ground on your property, there is planning which needs to be done. Your project manager will :

  • Secure or make sure your builder has the necessary permits to build
  • Set up timelines with you and your builder for the start of construction
  • Inspect the floor deck to make sure it is ready for log or timber materials
  • Ensure the arrival of log and timber material on site as soon as the foundation and floor deck are complete
  • Work with the installation crew who will erect the log and timber materials

Builder Bid AdministrationPre-Construction Planning

If you choose Builder Bid Administration, your project manager will not only perform all the tasks during pre-construction, but they will also help you identify and evaluate builders in your area. In addition they will perform inspections during construction to ensure the continuing quality of your project - acting as your advocate.


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Design Build

If you choose Design Build as your construction solution, your project manager will become your construction manager. He will be your single source of contact and accountability for the remainder of your project.


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