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Log & Timber Manufacturing


Achieving Your Green Design Goals


When you meet with M.T.N Design we will discuss your green building goals in conjunction with the rest of your log or timber home design. We will make you aware of opportunities, trade-offs and certification possibilities. After we understand your goals, we will help you determine how best to achieve them. We will then incorporate your choices into the custom design of your timber or log home. Below are some of the elements we will review.


Site Orientation

The sun can have a big impact on how well your home functions. Late afternoon sun shining directly into your great room can cause dramatic changes in temperature. Your design team will evaluate the orientation of your home based on view corridors and sunlight paths, both winter and summer.


Passive House Techniques

In certain climates, it may be optimal for your designer to implement passive house techniques which will enable your home to store energy from the sun during the day and disperse that energy through the night.


Use of Space

One way to reduce the need for energy to heat and cool your home is to maximize the use of space in order to reduce the total square footage needed. This can include removing excess hallways, creating clever storage options and incorporating multipurpose areas.


Roof Overhangs

In cases where large windows or big groupings of windows are facing into the sun's path, extended overhangs may be designed into the home, or in some cases where the design fits, shed roofs could be added over those windows to create shade.


Success Stories

LEED® Certified HomeOne of our first LEED® For Homes projects achieved Platinum status. This true log home is located in Government Camp, Oregon.


View this home's green showcase

LEED® Certified Home This handcrafted log home in South Carolina was certified Gold by the LEED® For Homes project.


You can read more about this home in the Spring 2014 issue of Rustic Architecture magazine.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Helping to build sustainable homes is our focus, but we at PrecisionCraft & M.T.N Design believe it is also important to act responsibly within our own environment. Here are some of the actions we've taken so far:

  • Sawdust from our mill is collected and sold to local dairies
  • We use LEAN manufacturing procedures to reduce waste & energy consumption
  • All scrap wood is collected and recycled
  • We added high-efficient LED and CF lighting to our remodeled showroom
  • We recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, magazines and cardboard
  • Our parent company, PFB Corporation, has an ongoing commitment to sustainability, learn more.