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GREEN Design FAQ's


Do you require me to build green?

Of course not. We pride ourselves on designing the home of your dreams, no matter what you desire. We will, however, provide sound advice for saving you energy and make you aware of all of your design options. It is up to you to choose what is right for your home.



Do I lose design quality when I add green elements to my home?

In most cases you cannot tell the difference between a standard home and a well built green home just by comparing the two visually. Green building is about construction methods, materials and use of resources. Green design is about the effective planning and incorporation of these measures into your original concept.



Can a log home be LEED certified?

Yes, a log home can be certified as green by the LEED For Homes program. In fact, log walls can provide extra points for having a high thermal mass.



How many of your homes have been LEED® certified?

While the LEED system has been in place for a few years, the LEED For Homes Program was in pilot until 2009. As a participant in the pilot program, M.T.N Design has assisted many of our clients in meeting their green building goals, including our first client to achieve LEED® certification below.

LEED® Certified Home
This log home project is located in Government Camp, Oregon and has received Platinum status through the LEED® For Homes program.



Doesn't "Going Green" require a larger investment?

Choosing to build green can be more of an investment than traditional alternatives, but not always. We can help you find many cost-effective energy efficient and sustainable solutions. Remember, improved efficiency can save you money in the short and long term. You will also increase your home's value.





Designing Green Log Homes and Timber Homes


Designing Green Log Homes & Timber Homes


According to Matt Franklin, an Architect at M.T.N Design, "Most opportunities for building green begin in the first stages of the design process. If your plan is not sound, many of these opportunities may be lost." Therefore, it is important to have a designer who understands these opportunities and can help you choose which are right for your project.


Planning and Designing Your Green Project

Green Building Puzzle When you meet with M.T.N Design we will discuss your green building goals in conjunction with the rest of your log or timber home design. In our role as your green building consultant we will make you aware of opportunities, trade-offs and certification possibilities. After we understand your goals, we will help you determine how best to achieve those goals. We will then incorporate your choices into the custom design of your timber or log home. Next we work with any third-party team members, such as a mechanical engineer or landscape architect.



Green Building Choices

When we begin planning your log home or timber home project there are 7 major areas where we can look to add sustainable elements. We will need to address all of these areas if your goal is LEED® certification.


Site PrepSite Sustain ability
Includes: Erosion Control, Water Runoff, Placement of Home, Landscaping

If you are interested in adding these elements to your plan, M.T.N Design will work with your landscape architect to match your design to their plan for your site. We will also adjust your plan to take the best advantage of your site.


Materials and Construction methodsMaterials & Construction Methods
Includes: Choice of Building Materials, Waste Management

You may choose to build your log or timber home with FSC certified wood, which PrecisionCraft can source for you. Your project manager can also ensure the best use of materials and disposal.


Water UsageWater Usage
Includes: Managing Water Usage, Source of Water and Potential Reuse

Understanding your water usage goals, M.T.N Design will work with you, your mechanical engineer and landscape architect to ensure that your home's design takes full advantage of your water usage plan.

Energy usageEnergy
Includes: Energy Sources, Use of Energy and Your Home's Energy Envelope

Your designer will help you to review options such as: using a renewable energy source, choice of insulation, and proper installation of fixtures. We will also work with your mechanical engineer to make the best use of your energy plan.


Includes: Heating System, Duct Work, Cooling System

If you are interested in increased efficiency from your HVAC system, we will work with you and your mechanical engineer to match your home's design with their plan for your systems. This may include radiant heat or specialty duct systems.

Includes: Lights, Furniture, Appliances

M.T.N Design can recommend green options for finishes in each room of your home. From counter tops and flooring to chairs and bedding, building green does not have to end when major construction has finished.


Air QualityIndoor Environmental Quality
Includes: Quality of Your Indoor Air Quality

Your M.T.N designer will ensure that proper venting is incorporated into your home while your project manager will ensure that indoor contaminants are reduced during construction.