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What is Your Shade of Green?


Green Design
Designing With Green In Mind

Green Building Credentials


GREEN Finishes


Energy Systems & Envelope

If you are interested in saving energy try using one of these green ideas:

  • Harness an alternative energy source, such as wind, solar or geothermal
  • Use structural insulated panels (SIP's) or insulated concrete forms (ICF's)

Water Conservation

Conservation of your water supply can be "green" but in many locations a necessity. Here are some tips:

  • Use a gray water system for watering outside landscapes
  • Install low use shower heads and fixtures
  • Install dual flush toilets
  • Install a tankless water heater for instant access to hot water

Furniture and Accessories

Don't forget the impact your home finishes have on the environment. Here are examples:

  • Purchase "green" furniture
  • Choose flooring that is made from a sustainable material
  • Design a "green" kitchen complete with countertops, cabinets and drawer pulls


Choosing a smart lighting system can save on your power bill, but remain elegant.

  • Install Compact Fluorescent or LED light fixtures
  • Use skylights and light tubes for natural and "free" light
  • Use dimmers where you don't always need full light

HVAC System

Your HVAC system is a source of comfort. You can increase that comfort & reduce energy cost if you:

  • Have a mechanical engineer work with your architect to design an optimal system
  • Have your system installed by the manufacturer to increase performance
  • Use a radiant heat system in large open areas
Indoor Air Quality

Here are some options for keeping your indoor air quality at its highest:

  • Use low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and stains
  • Ask that your builder employ a contaminant control system during construction
  • Install an exhaust fan in your attached garage
Design Showcase Green Log Homes and Timber Homes


Green Design Showcases


Examples of how you can apply green building techniques to your log home or timber home are innumerable. Our job is to understand your goals and provide advice and suggestions of what might be best for your project. Below we showcase examples of how some of our clients have accomplished their green goals in conjunction with their overall mountain-style home design.


Showcase#1: Engineered for Comfort and Efficiency


Client Goals:
  • Design and build a beautiful mountain-style home on their Northern California property
  • Engineer the most energy-efficient home they could
  • Search out non-traditional options that would meet their efficiency goals


Green Building Solutions:

This example is extraordinary because the home owners were not environmentally motivated to go green. Their motivation was one of efficiency and cost savings.


"Gary never came to me and said, I want to go green. He was actually more concerned with making his home and its systems as efficient as possible, because he knew what was possible," said the Apple's Client Representative Fred May.


Gary's experience as an industrial engineer meant that he was already aware of choices he could make to improve the performance of the home's systems and provide a tighter seal of the home's energy envelope. Gary and his wife chose some pretty remarkable alternatives for heating, cooling and providing power to their timber frame home. The end result is that their monthly utility bill is less than $10.


See what choices the Apple's made for their timber home


Showcase#2: Achieved LEED® Platinum Certification


Client Goals:
  • Build a log home large enough for the entire family to enjoy (including the grandkids)
  • Attain LEED® Certification for their log home
  • Increase the value of their home, and save on utility costs
Green Building Solutions:

LEED Certification was not the primary focus of the Ryan family when they first met with M.T.N Design. Their original goals centered around the look and feel of their mountain-style home.


"We were already into the design process before the Ryan's decided they wanted to shoot for LEED Certification," said M.T.N designer, Matt Franklin. "By starting later in the process, we lost some time and had to redraw some documents. Planning ahead for LEED certification can save your project time and money."


Even after starting a bit late in their planning, the Ryan's were able to keep the original design for their three-story 3,000sq.ft.+ hybrid log home and still push toward certification. It became the first authentic log home to achieve LEED Platinum certification.


View an interactive map of this home's green solutions


Showcase#3: Your Potential Green Project


Client Goals:
  • Build a unique, custom log or timber home
  • Incorporate green building solutions that match your green goals and custom design
  • Scope out potential cost saving solutions that can increase the value of your home
Green Building Solutions:

During your initial design meeting you will meet with your designer, project manager and sales consultant. In addition to your architectural desires for your home, you will discuss your green goals and your designer will offer examples that might work with your project. Your project manager will include these options in their initial turnkey budget estimate. As your project progresses and you make some final decisions, your team will continue to make you aware of any green building opportunities that come up. You will decide what is right for your home.


In many cases your design team may suggest using a landscape architect or mechanical engineer. They will also make sure that you have access to search for green finishes that match the concept of your home design.