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Log Home Glossary of Terms





Some clients prefer a smooth finish for their milled log homes. Others prefer a textured or adzed look. At PrecisionCraft, we offer more than one type of adzing texture so speak with your log home Client Representative about adding texture to your square logs.





Corner assembly is a critical consideration in log home building. The best method of corner construction will prevent separation and air infiltration. PrecisionCraft offers both interlocking saddle notch corners and dovetail corner systems.





D-Log is a profile you can choose for your milled log home. Named for its shape, each log is milled round on the outside and cut flat on the inside, giving you a traditional log home look outside with a straight log wall on the inside. Learn more about milled log homes.


Douglas Fir

At PrecisionCraft, we use Douglas Fir as our standard wood specie for our handcrafted log homes and milled log homes as well as our timber frame structures. Douglas Fir has a complex grain structure and is less prone to checking and twisting. Common to the Northwest, this wood species shows extraordinary structural strength and flexibility. In addition, Douglas Fir is readily available in a wide variety of sizes and diameters for your home. With its high stainability, it is easier for you to achieve the look & feel you have envisioned for your log or timber home. We use #1 Free of Heart Center Douglas Fir for our Timber Frame structures.


Dovetail Corner

One of the log corners you can choose from is the dovetail corner. You can choose a precisely milled log dovetail corner, or a handcrafted dovetail corner.



Drawknifing your round milled logs adds texture resembling the tool marks that would have been made if your logs had been debarked by hand.





PrecisionCraft is able to mill logs and timber to precise sizes. With this level of precision, we are able to create a smooth exact finish for our clients log homes & timber homes. Some people, however, prefer a log or timber with texture such as adzing or drawknifing.


"Free of Heart Center" Wood

PrecisionCraft uses the highest grade Douglas Fir "Free of Heart Center" wood in the construction of our timber frame homes to ensure an elegant and lasting appearance.




Half-Log Siding

If you like the exterior look of a log home but would prefer a traditional interior wall, you can use half-log siding. PrecisionCraft's half-log siding is a full half of a log. Our half-log siding is held to the same high standards as the logs we use for our full log homes. You can have full log corners, or use a post end.


Houseal Non-Settling System™

Due to the nature of logs, settling is an issue which must be addressed for handcrafted log homes as well as milled log homes. At PrecisionCraft we construct both our handcrafted log homes and our milled log homes using the innovative Houseal Non-Settling System™. A steel pipe is placed through the log wall and rests on a cap. As the logs shrink over time, the steel pin and cap system eliminates settling.




Kiln-Dried Wood

Freshly cut logs naturally contain a great deal of moisture. It is critical that this moisture be removed to a point where the logs are stabilized before they are used to construct your home. Wood fiber is composed of small cells similar to a sponge. As the moisture is removed from the cells, the wood fibers contract or shrink. Kiln drying eliminates potential shrinkage problems. In addition, kiln drying kills insects and their eggs which may have penetrated the logs. Compare a PrecisionCraft kiln-dried log to a dead standing naturally dried log-you can see the difference! Under controlled conditions, kiln drying ensures uniform drying and a higher standard of finished product.




Log Grading

The Log Homes Council is one of the Building Systems Councils of the National Association of Home Builders [NAHB]. The LHC Grading Program establishes a formal program of quality control and quality assurance. To qualify for certification, graders must demonstrate to an independent Quality Supervisory Agency that 95% of the pieces they have graded are at or above the stated grade.

When the consumer purchases a product by a manufacturer participating in the program, they are assured that the timbers have been carefully inspected and selected for the purpose for which they were intended. PrecisionCraft is a member of the Log Homes Council and a participant it its Log Grading Program.




Mirror a Design

Everyone's build site will be different. Many times, one of the easiest ways to "fit" one of our standard designs to your lot is to mirror it. For instance, if the garage would fit better on the left side of the property, than the right, we can flip it to the other side. Both the Crested Butte and the Inglewood show examples of how this has been done.





Settling, the loss of log wall height over time, is also a major concern with log homes. At PrecisionCraft, we address the eliminate settling in our milled log homes & handcrafted log homes using the innovative Houseal Non-Settling SystemTM. Using this state-of-the-art system, settling is eliminated, giving you complete confidence in the structural soundness of your log home. Since the problem of settling is addressed, our team at M.T.N Design has greater freedom of design. This freedom allows you to have the log home or timber home you have dreamed of.
Please see Houseal Non-Settling System™.




Profiles, Log

Log profile refers to the shape of the log. PrecisionCraft offers you round, square, rectangular, D-log, and half-log siding. PrecisionCraft’s milled log homes are built using the Houseal Non-Settling Sysem™ regardless of log profile.




Saddle Notch Corner

A saddle notch is an overlapping, interlocking type of log corner. A saddle notched corner ensures a tight fit and superior structural quality.






Timberlinx™ is a steel connection tube, inserted equally in both members of the joint and linked by two expanding cross pins. PrecisionCraft Log Homes and Timber Homes is the exclusive distributor for Timberlinx™ in the Western United States.


Total Home Solution®

Personal guidance through design, product selection, and construction of our clients' log homes and timber homes.



A truss can be either a functional brace to hold up part of your structure, or a decorative element which brings character to your log homes. In most cases, it is both. PrecisionCraft offers many truss styles including: Arched King Post, Scissor, Arched Queen Post, Hammer Beam, Barrel Truss with Full Arch and a Standard King Post. We can also design custom trusses for your log home or timber frame home. Learn more about Trusses.


Turnkey Pricing

Turnkey cost refers to the total cost to build your log home or timber home, not including land or site improvements.  The term turnkey originated with the idea of the homeowner “turning the key” in the front door and walking into their completed home. 

See an example of a turnkey cost estimate.




Western White Wood

- Light wood   - Visible knots   - Flexibility in staining options, from light to dark


Western Red Cedar

- Redwood   - Character grains and knots    - More resistant to insect infiltration