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Mountain Style Homes with Log & Timber Accents


Combining log and timber frame components with conventional stick framing is the newest trend in mountain style design and construction. In response to this trend, M.T.N Design, PrecisionCraft’s team of experienced designers have introduced Mountain Accent™ homes.


Mountain Accent™ homes provide you with the look and feel of traditional log homes and timber frame homes without the necessity of building a full log or timber structure.

Cumberland Log Home Floor Plan Concepts


M.T.N Design, PrecisionCraft’s esteemed design firm, focuses on the design of custom mountain style homes and has designed many award-winning plans.


We display more than 65 floor plan concepts in which to inspire your own home. Each of these plans can be modified as a Mountain Accent home. Many of our plans provide an example of what that modification might look like, such as the Cumberland Example to the left. However, keep in mind that your final design will be based on your specific architectural and product choices.


bullet View our entire selection of customizable floor plans.


Insulspan brand SIPs

Incorporating SIPs

Structural Insulated Panels - or SIPs - are a great solution for the shell of your Mountain Accent™ home. SIPs provide superior energy efficiency for cold climates common to mountain style home locations. For those building in areas which experience extreme heat, SIPs also ensure limited energy loss, thus lower energy bills for running your cooling systems. Learn More

Log and Timber Photo Gallery


View Photo Gallery of Log and Timber Homes

Mountain Accent™ Homes: A Structural Comparison

When you choose to build a Mountain Accent™ home, the log and timber portion of your design may be less structural, but it will still provide unique character and the true feel of mountain living.

Example Skeletons

How is my Turnkey Cost Affected?

Constructed using conventional framing or SIPs, PrecisionCraft’s Mountain Accent™ homes can be less costly to build than full log & timber homes. By incorporating log and timber accents into your design, you can build a home you will love at a lower cost than a full log & timber frame home.  


» See an example of how the turnkey cost was affected when a standard plan was redesigned as a Mountain Accent™ home


Mountain Accent™ Home or Log & Timber Hybrid


Although both are hybrid designs, it is the structure of the home that sets one apart from the other. If your hybrid design is built using either a log wall system or timber framing, then we consider that design to be a Log and Timber Hybrid because it is truly a partial or hybrid log and timber home.


A Mountain Accent™ home has a structure that is either conventional stick frame construction or SIPs. The addition of log and timber components add little or no structure to the frame of the house. Instead, the decorative log and timber components are used to provide the authentic look and feel of a mountain style home.