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Mountain Style Homes


Discover Your Style with PrecisionCraft’s Mountain Homes


What look best describes your mountain style home? Do you picture large handcrafted log walls or breathtaking timber trusses? Or, does the mountain home you've envisioned bring together a unique combination of log and timber materials? At PrecisionCraft, we provide the most varied product lines to choose from. And with award-winning design, state-of-the-art manufacturing, professional installation, and competitor builder bidding, you can get the mountain home of your dreams at the highest quality and best price.

Handcrafted Log Mountain Home

Handcrafted Mountain Homes

PrecisionCraft’s skilled craftsmen hand-peal and shape each log to create an authentic look for your custom mountain home. Starting with logs 16" or more in diameter, the handcrafted look is perfect for rustic mountain style cabins or palatial mountain retreats.


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Handcrafted Skeleton

Timber Frame Homes

Timber Frame Mountain Houses

Nothing says mountain architecture like a timber home. Get the look and feel of a majestic mountain home with stately timber trusses, decorative knee braces and exposed floor joists.


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Timber Frame Skeleton

Hybrid Mountain Homes

Mountain Hybrid Homes

The look of log and timber, beautifully melded together, creates a signature mountain appearance. The combination of two or more of our product lines can give you the design freedom you need to create the perfect mountain home.



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Hybrid Log & Timber Skeleton

Post and Beam Mountain Home

Post & Beam Mountain Homes

Similar to timber frame construction, a post and beam home uses vertical and horizontal logs in conjunction with traditional framing to create a singular effect. A mountain getaway!


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Post and Beam Skeleton

Mountain Log Home

Milled Mountain Style

With precise milling of round or square logs, your mountain home can be any shape, architectural style or size you can envision. Our 10" to 12" diameter milled logs provide substantial, mountain style appeal.



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Milled Log Home Skeleton

Mountain Accent Home

Mountain Accent™ Homes

By using log and timber accents in combination with a SIP envelope, your design can achieve a brilliant mountain style look, at a lower turnkey cost.


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Mountain Accent Home Skeleton