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Michigan handcrafted log home

Christmas, Michigan Handcrafted Log Home

Christmas, Michigan is surrounded by nature and abundant recreational opportunities. Examples include Lake Superior to the North, access to the Hiawatha National Forest and the Grand Island National Recreational Area is just a ferry ride away.


Scenery may be their initial inspiration, but most clients really begin the custom home building process when they find a distinctive design that speaks to them. These clients began their log home project after they fell in love with our Boisean plan.


The couple worked with M.T.N Design to customize the plan to fit their needs, including their desire for a handcrafted log home instead of a milled log home. Learn how M.T.N Design can design a custom log home for you.


Michigan log home kitchen

Custom Log Home Kitchen


Handcrafte log corner

Handcrafted Log Home Corner


Custom Michigan log home

Handcrafted Log Home in Michigan



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