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West Virginia Log Home

Log Home in Moorefield, West Virginia


Overlooking the rolling hills of the Potomac Highlands, this custom log home brings together a spirit of warmth, time-tested craftsmanship and organic architecture. Using PrecisionCraft’s Rockpoint log home floor plan for inspiration, the homeowners worked with M.T.N Design to decrease the overall proportions and create unique living spaces within. Intricately placed throughout the home are modern accents, custom lighting and feng shui concepts.


Read the Country's Best Log Homes feature article to get the full story behind this custom log home in Moorefield, West Virginia: "Historic Inspiration."


West Virginia Log Home Kitchen

Log Home Kitchen with Custom Lighting



West Virginia Log Home Great Room

A Great Room with a View of the Rolling Foothills

Log Home Media Room

Specialty Log Home Room: A Place to Relax



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