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Milled log home


How Can I Change a Floor Plan to Meet My Layout Needs?


Everyone has different needs and wants when they start to design their custom mountain style home. The number of bedrooms, levels, specialty rooms, size & slope of property, and turnkey budget are all determining factors for the final size and layout of your custom log home or timber home.


Floor plans displayed in our timber & log home plan gallery are simply starting points for your custom home. You can work with your M.T.N designer to modify one of our plans or have him design a home from scratch based on your needs.


Keep in mind, modifying a floor plan by size can be done in conjunction with alterations to your product choice, complexity and level of finishes.


Below are just a few examples of how some of our clients have modified a plan's layout to meet their goals. Examples range from minor alterations to completely customized homes which used the original design concept as a starting point.




Minor Floor Plan Alteration

In this version of the Winterpark log home plan, the client wanted the master bedroom to be on the main level, so they moved the master suite to the first floor and the two other bedrooms to the 2nd floor with the loft.


Winter Park Log Home Plans

Modification to Fit Needs and Location

Blue Ridge Renderings Modified from a milled log home into a timber frame home, this version of the Blue Ridge remains true to its original design in the great room, dining room, kitchen, entry porch and nook .


Modifications include:

  • The original plan was drawn with a tri-level first floor. Since this layout did not fit this client's property, the main floor was converted into a single level.
  • The guest suite which was a half level higher than the master suite has been removed.
  • The bedrooms, laundry and powder room that were on the back side of the house were switched with the garage. Now the garage is located on the back side of the house.
  • A wine room was added and the laundry room was enlarged.
  • Two screened-in porches replaced the covered porches.


Alterations to this design were made to accommodate the client's aesthetic preferences, budget and build site.



Blue Ridge Log Home Plans

Crested Butte Original Log and Timber RenderingDistributing Square Feet within a Design


The Crested Butte is one of our most popular designs and has been modified many times in many ways. In this particular example, the client loved the original concept's look and feel but had alternative layout needs. For instance, they wanted to add a room above the garage, but did not want this increase in square footage to put them over their budget. Here is how M.T.N Design met their needs:



Crested Butte Hybrid Log Home Plans

Crested Butte Altered Rendering


In this example, M.T.N Design:

  • Moved the garage from the right front side of the plan to the left front.
  • Removed the nook, redesigned the laundry area and pulled the dining room in, reducing corners.
  • Added a bonus room above the garage.

M.T.N Design was able to make these alterations without loosing the original concept of the Crested Butte design, which so many of our clients love.


With these modifications the main level plan went from 2,418 sq.ft. to 2,202 sq.ft This change in size and complexity decreased the turnkey estimate enough for the client to add the bonus room above the garage.

How else can I modify my timber or log home plan?