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Designing with Different Products to Impact the Cost & Look of Your Home


Each of our floor plan designs have been conceptualized using a specific type of log or timber product. These renderings are only suggestions for what that home might look like. Choosing a specific log or timber product combination for your design is based on your own aesthetic preferences and budget. Work directly with M.T.N Design to find the right product mix for your custom home.


This page illustrates how our Caribou plan might look if it were redesigned as a: timber frame, handcrafted, milled log and hybrid log & timber home. In this example, turnkey estimates are dependant on the type and amount of materials. Additional changes to size, complexity and level of finishes will also affect the turnkey cost.


As a Handcrafted Log Home

When M.T.N Design first developed the Caribou design, it was conceptualized as a handcrafted log home with beavertooth corners and large character logs within the awe-inspiring window.


Caribou Floor Plan as Handcrafted Log Home Caribou Floor Plan Product, Materials
As drawn, the estimated turnkey cost of this Handcrafted Caribou Log Home is approximately: $850,000


As a Hybrid Log and Timber Home

In this hybrid log and timber version of the Caribou, square milled logs were used as wall structure, while timber trusses & braces were incorporated throughout the design. If you like the look of milled log walls and timber trusses, this option may be right for your project.


Hybrid Log and Timber Caribou Floor Plan Caribou Hybrid Log Home Package
As drawn, the estimated turnkey cost of this Hybrid Log & Timber Caribou is approximately: $660,000


As a Timber Frame Home

If you like the Caribou plan but prefer a timber frame design, this is one example of how we can turn the plan into a timber frame home.


In the rendering you can see how the character logs have been replaced by timber frame beams, and when you view the example materials package you see how custom hammer beam trusses were added to through the interior.


Timber Frame Caribou Floor Plan Timber Frame Materials Package Example
As drawn, the estimated turnkey cost of this Timber Frame Caribou Home is approximately: $650,000.


As a Milled Log Home

This milled log home version of the Caribou uses a round swedish cope profile for the wall structure and round milled logs for the purlins. If you prefer the look of square milled logs or "D" logs, you might choose a different milled log profile.


Milled Log Caribou Floor Plan Milled Log Home Product, Materials
As drawn, the estimated turnkey cost of this Milled Log Home Caribou is approximately: $600,000.



Modifying Floor Plans

Each of the alterations above illustrates how a plan can be redesigned using a different product type but retain the same floor plan, elevations, and level of design complexity. Our clients make a variety of changes to the standard plans in order to personalize their design. For instance, if you were to work with our designers to modify the Caribou, your timber frame version may not look like the example shown above.


How else can I modify my timber or log home plan?

Learn about product options: