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Installing the Log & Timber Product


From the moment you started the design process, we have been working to fulfill your vision of the perfect mountain style home. The log and timber materials play an important role in the final look and feel of your home. We want to maintain the quality of your vision all the way until the structure of your home is installed.


As soon as the foundation is ready, PrecisionCraft will send one of our professional installation crews to your site to stack the log and timber structure of your home.


Why Does PrecisionCraft Send Our Own Installation Crew?

  • Specific knowledge is required to properly install our log and timber structures. You don't have to worry if there are specialists in your build area, because PrecisionCraft will send our skilled craftsmen directly to your site.
  • No one knows how to install our patented log walls and timber framing better than we do. Our crews ensure the highest quality workmanship and the most efficient installation schedules.
  • You can have confidence that your finished home will remain true to your original design concept because PrecisionCraft has designed, engineered, fabricated and now installed your log and timber structure.



Handcrafted Log Home Installation Timber Frame Installation