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Handcrafted Log Home


Handcrafted Log Home Construction


Wood Species and Sizes


We construct handcrafted homes with logs 16-inches in diameter and larger. Accents and other character pieces can reach a mid-span of 3-foot or greater.


Although we also offer white wood and cedar, most of our handcrafted log homes are constructed using high quality Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir has a complex grain structure and is less prone to checking and twisting. We recommend Douglas Fir because it's strong, flexible and available in a variety of sizes.


Construction Method

Log Home Handcrafted VideoOur handcrafted log homes are preconstructed on our lot, unstacked, shipped to the build location, and restacked on its foundation.


When the logs first arrive at our facility they are hand-peeled. Then each of the logs is cut and hand-fitted into place by our team of skilled craftsmen. As the handcrafting crew preconstruct the home, they are simultaneously drilling for the installation of our exclusive Houseal Non-Settling System™.


Once the home is completely stacked, the crew deconstructs the home, being sure to note where each log goes, and ships the logs to the build site. The same crew that preconstructed the home also travels to the build site to reconstruct the home on the foundation.



Handcrafted Non-Settling Diagram

Image of Houseal Handcrafted Log System

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