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Milled Log Home


Milled Log Home Manufacturing


Wood Species and Profiles

Milled Log Home VideoAlthough we also offer white wood and cedar, most of our milled log homes are constructed using high quality Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir has a complex grain structure and is less prone to checking and twisting. We recommend Douglas Fir because it's strong, flexible and available in a variety of sizes.


We offer a full range of milled log profiles, whether you prefer traditional round, or like square and rectangular, or a combination of both, as represented in a "D" log style, we can precisely mill your log home.


Houseal Non-Settling System™

PrecisionCraft's non-settling milled log homes feature premium-graded, kiln-dried wood. Every log home is milled for absolute precision and weather-tightness, ensuring that the home is assembled well and in less time at the building site.


Our milled log homes achieve the highest structural engineering value because of our innovative Houseal Non-Settling System™. This system designed for PrecisionCraft's milled log homes makes building easier. A steel pipe is placed through the log wall and rests on a cap. As the logs shrink over time, the steel pin and cap system eliminates log settling. Each log is milled with a groove for the cap to rest in. Treated, open cell sealer tape is added between log courses, creating a weather-tight fit.


Because settling is eliminated, you have complete confidence in the structural soundness of your milled log home. This system allows the team at PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design to create and build more elaborate log homes.

Milled Log Home Non-Settling Diagram

Image of Milled Log Home Houseal Log System


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