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Timber Frame Home


Timber Frame Home Fabrication


Timber Frame VideoFor hundreds of years, timber frame homes have been built using wood post and beam systems. Today, we are able to produce beautiful timber framing with modern manufacturing technology.


At PrecisionCraft we utilize state-of-the-art computer-controlled manufacturing equipment in conjunction with Timberlinx™ connectors to create timber frame homes that are beautiful in appearance and compliant with modern building code requirements. We have the ability to design and produce full timber frame structures, as well as trusses, braces and custom accents. 


Wood Specie

We use only Douglas Fir #1 "Free of Heart Center" Wood when manufacturing timber frame homes. "Free of Heart Center" wood is less likely to twist or crack. Use of the highest grade wood will ensure an elegant and lasting appearance.


More About Timber Frame Homes

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