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Log & Timber Manufacturing


Log & Timber Product Manufactured to the Highest Standards


Each of our construction plans are engineered to meet modern building codes including wind sheer, snow load, and seismic zones. The log or timber material is what provides the structure of your home and the building system must be able to meet these specified engineering standards. This is why quality log and timber fabrication is one of the most important aspects in the construction of your home.


High Quality Log & Timber Product

The quality of wood used to build your log home or timber frame home has a direct impact on its structural soundness. At PrecisionCraft, we only use the highest quality log and timber product. All of our logs and timbers are graded and certified under the grading rules established by the Log Homes Council. As an active member, we subscribe to a rigid code of ethics developed by the Council to ensure well-constructed structures.


Douglas Fir is one of the strongest softwoods, resists twisting, and is a preferred species for structural construction. Western White Wood and Western Red Cedar are also available for our custom-designed log homes and timber frame homes.


State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-the-art CNC machinery and processes. We operate our facility according to LEAN manufacturing standards ensuring the most efficient fabrication process.

Hand Peeling a Log

Handcrafted Log Homes

Our handcrafted log homes are created from high quality naturally tapered logs, individually selected, cut and placed as the structure is built at our facility, then disassembled, shipped to your site and resembled by the same craftsmen.


Milled Log Homes

All of our milled logs are notched and drilled to exact specifications using CNC machines. Every log is inspected and graded as it comes off of the production line.


Timber Frame Homes

Our timber frames are also cut using CNC machines. Computer aided cutting components are individually precision cut, accounts for superior fitting and a beautiful appearance. Once the manufacturing process is complete, connections are hand fit and drilled, ready for installation.


Pre-fitting a timber trussHigher Engineering Standards


Log homes have come a long way from the simple cabins of yesteryear. Today we design multi-story log homes and timber homes with complex roof structures and custom truss work. These complex designs require detailed engineering that can take them from the drawing board to reality.


Each design is engineered for the specific location where it is being built. We use patented non-settling systems and technologically-advanced connections. To learn more about the engineering methods used for each type of home, choose: Handcrafted Log Construction, Timber Frame Fabrication, or Milled Log Manufacturing.