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Custom Mountain Home Construction

The Structural Envelope

PrecisionCraft supplies the materials necessary to complete the structural shell of your home, which includes the foundation, walls and roof systems. We will also specify windows and doors that compliment the quality and style of your original design.



Example: Log Structure

Basement foundations are drawn to use our Advantage brand Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).


Roofs made of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a natural fit for log homes, since they provide both structure and superior insulation values, in all climate types. (see more about SIPs below)


Our SIPs are manufactured exactly to plan by Insulspan, which is one of PrecisionCraft's sister companies.

Example:Timber Frame Structure

Our timber frame homes will include a SIP wall system as well as a roof. The SIPs are designed by the same team that draws your entire home, which ensures a cohesive fit once the material is all together on your build site.


ICFs are also used in timber frame foundations creating an entire shell of insulation which reduces energy loss throughout all levels of your home.

(see more about ICFs below)


Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)


PrecisionCraft chooses to use ICF foundations, first because each PrecisionCraft home is unique and often requires complex foundations. Pre-formed EPS (expanded polystyrene) blocks can help concrete subcontractors lay out a foundation exactly as it was drawn, more quickly than if they had to create custom plywood forms from scratch.


Second, the insulation value that comes from the ICFs will add to the overall efficiency of your home and help keep your basement conditions consistent, thus improving the quality of your entire interior environment.


Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)


Insulspan brand SIP panels not only have a high R-value, but they also create a tight seal which keeps energy from escaping the home's envelope.


When used in the roof, where a large majority of heat energy can be lost, the panels can greatly reduce the amount of energy needed to reheat the space. When used for both the walls and roof, Insulspan SIPs can far exceed the performance of conventional insulation products.


Our "Ready-to-Assemble" SIPs also speed construction time and help builders reach the dry-in stage more quickly, saving labor costs over the course of the project.


Windows & Doors


The final piece of a tight energy envelope is windows and doors. PrecisionCraft partners with Windsor Windows & Doors, a leading manufacturer of quality products. We will specify their materials into each of our homes, unless you request an alternative supplier.


Although we highly recommend Windsor, we give you the option to find your own window supplier and we will work with them to ensure that the rest of the shell fits perfectly with your selections.