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PrecisionCraft Custom Timber Frame Homes


At PrecisionCraft, we specialize in the design, production and construction of exceptional mountain style homes. Our timber home designs make grand statements with large beams, artistic trusswork and strong accent materials such as stone, glass and metal. If you are seeking a bold timber frame house style, we can create exactly what you envision.

Inglewood Timber Frame Plan Timber Home Floor Plan Ideas

All of our design concepts were created by M.T.N Design, PrecisionCraft’s esteemed design firm. M.T.N Design has designed award-winning timber frame plans, such as the Inglewood, pictured to the left.


Each of our timber homes is custom, whether it starts with an existing concept or from your imagination. M.T.N Design will work one on one with you to design the luxury timber frame home of your dreams.


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Insulspan brand SIPs

Incorporating SIPs

Structural Insulated Panels - or SIPs - are a great solution for the roof of your PrecisionCraft timber home. SIPs provide superior energy efficiency for cold climates common to mountain style home locations. For those building in areas which experience extreme heat, SIPs also ensure limited energy loss, thus lower energy bills for running your cooling systems. Learn More

Timber Frame Homes


Photo Gallery of Timber Frame Homes

Timber Frame SkeletonTimber Frame Homes: Technical Specifications

At PrecisionCraft we use the latest CNC manufacturing technology in combination with the highest quality Douglas Fir wood, to create the timber frame skeleton of your home. We pre-fit each piece, disassemble for shipping, and then erect the skeleton as part of our installation services.


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Timber Frame HybridWhat is a Timber Frame Hybrid?


The word hybrid is defined differently throughout the industry. Some definitions include:


- A home that uses stick frame construction along with timber frame elements.

- A home that uses SIP (structural Insulated Panel) walls with a timber frame skeleton.


Our definition is based on PrecisionCraft's ability to design and construct true log & timber frame hybrids. For example, the hybrid timber frame home to the left uses a combination of timber trusses, braces and posts with square milled log walls. This appealing look is not available from most manufacturers because they lack PrecisionCraft's diverse product line and engineering abilities.


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