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Timber Trusses


PrecisionCraft Timber Trusses

The timeless look of a wood truss can add distinctive character to any structure. For centuries, hand hewn timber trusses have been used to secure the roofs of homes, churches and barns. Over the years, truss designs have evolved past their utilitarian roles and into an art form. Today, PrecisionCraft builds extraordinary trusses which are precision-cut, tightly fitted & engineered to building standards.


Standard Truss Types

King Post Truss


King Post Truss


The King Post truss has a standard triangular shape that can be arched to create a slightly different look and feel.

Queen Post Truss


Queen Post Truss


Building on the design of the King Post truss, the Queen adds more flair with extra connections, curves and decorative elements.

Scissor Truss


Scissor Truss


Named for its obvious resemblance, the Scissor truss looks impressive as you add multiple instances across a vaulted ceiling.

Hammer Truss


Hammer Truss


Using a combination of 90 degree and 45 degree angles, the Hammer truss can add unique architectural character to your space.

Barrel Truss



Barrel Truss


Incorporating short curved timbers, the Barrel truss creates the illusion of a perfectly round semi-circle.





Custom Timber Truss

Custom Truss Design

Our in-house firm M.T.N Design can create custom trusses based on standard types or from original ideas. Your trusses can be engineered to act as a structural element of your home or as a decorative addition to the existing structure.

Mountain Accent Home

Truss Fabrication

Our trusses are produced using the latest manufacturing technology and using the highest quality Douglas Fir.


Learn more about our connections, fabrication, wood species and watch a manufacturing video:


Timber Truss Fabrication


mountain accent home

Mountain Accent™ Homes

Incorporate timber trusses and accents into your home's design to create a unique look and feel we call a Mountain Accent™ Home.


Mountain Accent Homes are for those who love the look of timber frame trusses, but may not want a full timber frame structure.


About PrecisionCraft

PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes is a premier designer and builder of custom wood homes. We provide our clients with a Total Home Solution® for building their mountain style home in addition to being a truss builder.