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Building Carriage Houses

Are you anxious to start enjoying the space around your land but are not quite ready to build your custom home? Once you choose your special piece of property, it can be hard to wait for the right time to build. A simple solution is to build your project in stages and begin with the construction of a carriage house.


Building a carriage house on your property will provide you with: storage, sleeping space, electricity, running water and a bathroom. You can start enjoying your property now, while you wait to begin construction of your entire custom home project.

Idlewilde Design with Carriage House

The Idlewilde floor plan (shown above) was designed so it could be built in stages. It includes a guest suite above the garage with about 300sq.ft. of livable space. If used as a carriage house it can accommodate a bed, couch, sitting area, full bath and even a balcony.

Designing for Your Future Home

Just because you start construction of you carriage home now, doesn't mean that you shouldn't complete the design for your entire mountain home today. We recommend a complete design of your home, including the carriage house, to ensure that both structures will eventually flow seamlessly together. Our cost-effective design fees enable you to finalize a complete design for your home, without expensive up-front costs.

Inglewood Garage Loft



The Carriage House Alone

If you are not interested in building a full log or timber style home, you can choose to build the carriage house on its own. You may start with the garage from an existing plan or work with M.T.N Design to create a house that works perfectly for your unique needs. We love creative projects, so let us help you find the best design solution.








What is a Carriage House?

The name may have come from a time when people used to have outbuildings for their horse and carriage, instead of their truck and minivan, but the idea is the same. Room was added over the garage to create a space that could be used for someone to live.



How to Use Your Space

Space added above your garage can be utilized or converted for a variety of uses. Here are some creative options:

  • As an in-laws suite
  • As a bunk room for the grandkids
  • As a guest suite for visitors
  • As an art studio
  • As a theater or media room


Clearwater Custom Design

There is No Garage?

Not all of our log home plans include a garage. And many don't show space above the garage, but just as you can customize any other aspect of our plans, you can work with your architectural designer to incorporate a carriage home into the final design.


Plans with a space above garage:

The Chaumont

The Inglewood

The Idlewilde