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Interior Design, Kitchen


Interior Design Services

As the conceptual design of your house wraps up, you’ll most likely start to think about your home’s interiors. If you choose to engage M.T.N Design's interior design services, we can layout specific areas of your interior spaces. M.T.N interior designers create a harmonious relationship between the interior and exterior architecture. They’ll also specify products including fixtures and finish materials to ensure that your living areas function effectively and reflect your personal style.


From space planning for a single room to whole-house layout, interior design can enhance the form and function of your log or timber home.


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CabinetsSpecking-in Products


M.T.N Design has partnered with quality manufacturers of cabinets, flooring, and other interior elements to provide our clients with high-quality products in a wide range of styles. We can incorporate these elements into your construction drawings accurately and efficiently. Many of our partners also extend discounted pricing that we pass on to you.


* Please note that our interior design service is only available to clients as part of our Total Home Solution®, not on an individual basis.