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FAQ - PrecisionCraft Floor Plans and Designs


This is an FAQ page dedicated to some of the most frequent questions about our floor plan pages, floor plan concepts and design process. If you are unable to find an answer, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Do you sell your timber & log home plans?

No, we do not sell our plans because the complexity of our designs require detailed, engineered construction drawings that are not available without going through the design process. Those final plans are designed specifically to work with our patented log and timber construction techniques and Insulspan SIPs. Therefore the conceptual plans displayed on our site are not ready for construction plans. Please keep in mind that our plans are intellectual property protected by copyright and can not be reproduced or used without our consent.


Can modifications be made to the plans?

All of the plans shown on our site were created as conceptual design ideas. This means that we expect our clients to use these designs to inspire their own homes, not as stock plans. So if you see a plan you like but envision changes, those changes will be made during the design process, when you work one-on-one with your designer.

Does it cost extra?

The cost of going through the design process is the same whether you make modifications to a conceptual design or start from scratch. It is one of the best values in the custom mountain home building industry.


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Can I see other variations or pictures?

Many of the conceptual designs found in our floor plans pages have been used by past clients to create their own homes. In many cases we have included a peek at these variations at the bottom of the plan page. The goal is to help spark your own ideas and show just how much you can change and modify the design. If there are pictures of these homes, we include those as well. Although we understand the desire to see as much as possible, some of the designs have not been built, and we have limited space and time to display variations. We don't display variations as alternative options for the main design. Always remember that your home will be custom designed for you.



Can I get more specific measurements, like roof height or window width?

The designs on our site are created as conceptual ideas, not stock plans ready to be built. Therefore we don't have a set of exact specifications that we can reference. In the end, if there is a roof height or window width you prefer, your designer will work with you to modify or design a plan that matches your needs. When searching through our floor plan gallery, concentrate on finding design ideas and layouts that are close to your vision. Details like heights and widths can be worked out later.



Do you have a plans book or printed version of a plan you can send me?

As we are constantly creating new plans and adding new plan information, the best place to present our complete "plan book" is through the website. We do realize that as you look through our design ideas, it is nice to have something printed to reference. In this case you can click on the "Bookmark" button just under the rendering of each design and one of the options is to print the plan page. Another option is to order a Study Set of the plan or plans you are most interested in. These sets are 34"x22" black and white prints of the design and its floor plans. They are available for $49.95, and are intended to be large enough for you to mark up the plans and help you better understand how your vision might fit with the concept.



Do you have a plans that meet ADA requirements?

All of our plans are completely customizable, including door widths, hallway sizes and the incorporation of ramps and elevators. There is no need to look for a plan that fits your ADA needs. Find a plan that fits your style and general layout desires and we will redesign it. Or start from scratch and let us design a layout that is specifically meant for you.


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