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Style Characteristics:

  • Heavy fascias
  • Decorative trim and fascia
  • Stucco or stone at main level, wood on second level
  • Cantilevered decks on upper levels
  • Herringbone-pattern doors
  • Shutters with decorative cut-outs
  • Double-hung windows
  • Windows in groupings
  • Scroll-sawn railings and eaves
  • Trellises
  • Darker stains or paint on wood

Browse Chalet Style Log Home & Timber Home Floor Plans:


Log Home Plans - Alpine Meadow

Alpine Meadow

1,982 Sq.Ft.


Log Home Plan - Aspen Peak

Aspen Peak

4,391 Sq.Ft.


Hybrid Milled Log & Timber Frame - Flat Iron Chalet

  Flat Iron Chalet

2,822 Sq.Ft.


Log Home Design - Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak

2,581 Sq.Ft.


Hawksbury timber design


2,861 Sq.Ft


Huntington log post and beam design


3,034 Sq.Ft


Tahoe log cabin plan


2,169 Sq.Ft


Custom Mountain Design - Timber Ridge

Timber Ridge

2,221 Sq.Ft.


Multi-Level Log Plan - Torino


3,755 Sq.Ft.




1,499 Sq.Ft.