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The Deer Valley

2,824 sq.ft.
 745 sq.ft.
   803 sq.ft.


Turnkey Cost Starting
From: $850,000.

Estimate includes: Livable space, decks, patios and garage.

What is Turnkey Cost?

The Deer Valley was designed as the perfect retreat. Plenty of room for family to get together, store their toys and enjoy the view. The exterior provides a sense of comfort with its broad sheltering overhangs.

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DeerValley Log Home Floor Plan





DeerValley Log Home Floor Plan second level




Understanding Roof Structures - Boston Ridges

Your roof is one of the most prominent features of your home. Therefore the structure of your roof should be an important aspect of your home's overall design. The Deer Valley illustrates the use of Boston Ridges. These are the roof pieces that follow the top of each ridge, allowing for better ventilation. If you like this look, you can choose to ventilate your roof with a Boston Ridge. Other roof elements to consider in your design include: gable dormers vs. shed dormers, hipped roofs, size and choice of fascia, roofing materials, and pitch.

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Examples of How Clients Have Customized This Plan:

Photos Based on the Deer Valley

Altered: product & size

Deer Valley Handcrafted Log Home

This version was redesigned using handcrafted logs, and was mirrored. They also added an unfinished basement and a sunroom to the design.

4,828 sq.ft.



Deer Valley Log Home design


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Altered: product & complexity

Deer Valley Log Home Floor Plan Modification

These clients choose to build a hybrid log & timber frame version of the Deer Valley with a less complex main level. Balconies were added upstairs.

2,565 sq.ft.



Deer Valley Log Home Floor Plan alteration


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Deer Valley Log Home Exterior photo

Square Handcrafted Log Home

Deer Valley Log Home exterior photo

Deer Valley Log Home

Deer Valley Log Home Kitchen photo

Log Home Kitchen Based on the

Deer Valley