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Find Inspiration in These Designs 4,001 to 4,500 Sq.Ft.


Modern Timber Frame Home - The Crescent Rim

Crescent Rim

4,013 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Floor Plan – The Inglewood


4,027 Sq.Ft.


Luxury Timber Frame Homes - Trailside


4,004 Sq.Ft.


Luxury Timber Frame - Laurette Chateau

Laurette Chateau

4,136 Sq.Ft.


Custom Log Home Floor Plan – The Big Sky

   Big Sky

4,500 Sq.Ft.


Log Home Plan - Aspen Peak

Aspen Peak

4,391 Sq.Ft.





Customize Any Design

Do you like a plan but:


bullet Need more space?


bullet Want a smaller plan?


bullet Would rather have a log home?


bullet Like the look of timber homes?


Remember, each of our timber or log home designs is only a starting point for your own custom home.


Quick Tip 6

Adding or removing square footage often involves the addition or removal of a basement. A basement is an inexpensive way to add more living space.


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