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The Montclaire

 3,193 sq.ft.
    803 sq.ft.
    786 sq.ft.


Turnkey Cost Starting
From: $825,000.

Estimate includes: Livable space, decks, patios and garage.

What is Turnkey Cost?

In the tradition of European timber frame design, the Montclaire combines timber frame construction with stone and siding. A theme of curved arches appears in the trusses, stairway and windows.

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Montclaire Timber Frame Home Floor Plan


Montclaire Timber Frame Home Floor Plan second level



shenandoah Log Home Floor Plan

Award-Winning Designs

The layout and unique look of the Montclaire has caught the eye of both our prospective clients and the building industry. As such it has won multiple awards, including a place as one of the top five plans in Timber Home Living magazine's annual FloorPlan design contest.



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Examples of How Clients Have Customized This Plan:

Altered: size and product

Montclaire Hybrid Timber Home ModificationModifications include:

Milled log walls were added to the timber frame structure. The plan was mirrored & a basement was added. An extra bedroom was also added to the 2nd level.

4,634 sq.ft.


Montclaire Hybrid Timber Frame Design

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Altered: size/layout

Montclaire Timber Frame Modification Modifications include:

The dining and living room were switched and the garage was shifted up. The powder room & staircase were moved closer to the entry and a second master suite was added to the 2nd level.

3,466 sq.ft.

Montclaire Timber Frame Floor Plan


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Inspired Living: Stories to build upon

Laurette Chateau Custom Exterior photo


See how the Montclaire inspired this European style log and timber hybrid.

Read: "Blending European Style & Western Tradition"


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Montclaire Timber Frame Construction Photo

Garage and Patio of Montclaire Design

Montclaire Timber Frame Construction Photo

Living Room with Curved Staircase

Montclaire Timber Frame Construction Photo

Timber Framed Dining Area