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dakota log home floorplan

Customize Any Floor Plan


Whatever your vision may be, we will work with you to modify any plan to fit your unique style, site and budget. Each home we design is customized to fit our clients' specific needs.


So How Does Customization Work?

We understand that it can be difficult to visualize what we mean by customization. This is why we have created specific examples of how modifications can be made. The four major aspects of your design that can be altered are its: size, product, complexity and finishes. Choose a type of modification from the white box to see detailed examples.




Roof complexity example


This example shows the difference in complexity between the roof structures of these two designs.

See more examples of how complexity affects your design and budget.

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Start From Scratch: Designing Your Custom Home

 M.T.N Design

If you can’t find an exact plan that fits your needs, you can work with M.T.N Design to create a floor plan from scratch. Feel free to use our photos and existing floor plan concepts to illustrate or inspire your vision. Let M.T.N take your inspirations and employ their award-winning skills to create a one-of-a-kind design.