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Find Inspiration in These Designs as Originally Drawn




1,560 Sq.Ft.


Handcrafted Log Home - Cumberland


1,977 Sq.Ft.


Cabin Plan - Truckee


1,565 Sq.Ft.


Log Home Plans - Alpine Meadow

Alpine Meadow

1,982 Sq.Ft.




1,499 Sq.Ft.




2,001-2,500     2,501-3,000     3,001-3,500     3,501-4,000     4,001-4,500       4,501 +

Customize Any Design

Do you like a plan but:


bullet Need more space?


bullet Would rather have a log home?


bullet Like the look of timber homes?


Remember, each of our timber or log home designs is only a starting point for your own custom home.


Quick Tip 1

If you like the look of one design but like the floor plan of another, we can customize that plan just for your specific needs and budget.


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