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Hybrid Log and Timber Floor Plan Gallery

Find inspiration in these plans originally conceived as hybrid log and timber homes


Buffalo Creek Hybrid Log & Timber Home

Buffalo Creek

8,067 Sq.Ft.


Custom Hybrid Award-Winning Plan – The Crested Butte

Crested Butte

3,055 Sq.Ft.


Hybrid Design – The Dakota


2,421 Sq.Ft.


Award-Winning Hybrid Design – The Eagle's Nest

Eagle's Nest

2,794 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Home Design - cascade

2,675 Sq.Ft.

Milled | Timber Frame | Log Home| Alderbrook


3,227 Sq.Ft.




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Learn more about hybrid log and timber home floor plan design, construction and PrecisionCraft's Total Home Solution®.


Log Home Design - Idlewild

3,240 Sq.Ft.


Milled Log Home Plan - Washington Harbor

Washington Harbor

2,366 Sq.Ft.


Luxury Log Home - Beaumont


5,212 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Hybrid - Hickory Falls

Hickory Falls

3,176 Sq.Ft.


Mountain Style Designs - Sierra Pines

Sierra Pines

3,246 Sq.Ft.


Custom Log Homes - Terrace Greens

Terrace Greens

3,144 Sq.Ft.

Custom timber frame design - Upland Retreat

Upland Retreat

2,260 Sq.Ft.


Hybrid Timber Frame Log Home - Woodriver

Wood River

2,561 Sq.Ft.


Hybrid Milled Log & Timber Frame - Flat Iron Chalet

  Flat Iron Chalet

2,822 Sq.Ft.


Luxury Log Home - Ashland


2,896 Sq.Ft.


Log Home Designs - Foxpoint


4,610 Sq.Ft.


Luxury Mountain Design - Rivermill


2,339 Sq.Ft.


Luxury Timber Frame Cabin - Targhee


2,296 Sq.Ft


Luxury Timber Frame Homes - Trailside


4,004 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Hybride Home Plan - Chaumont


3,286 Sq.Ft.