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Timber Frame Floor Plan Gallery

Find inspiration in these plans originally conceived as timber frame homes

River Run Timber Frame Home

River Run

2,618 Sq.Ft.


Hawksbury Timber Frame Home Design


2,861 Sq.Ft.


Modern Timber Frame Home - The Crescent Rim

Crescent Rim

4,013 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Home Design - cascade

2,521 Sq.Ft.

Timber Frame Home Plan - Coeur d'Alene Lodge

Coeur d'Alene Lodge

7,832 Sq.Ft.


Brighton modern timber frame home


3,516 Sq.Ft.




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2,266 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Floor Plan – The Inglewood


4,027 Sq.Ft.


Luxury Timber Frame - Laurette Chateau

Laurette Chateau

4,196 Sq.Ft.


Custom Timber Frame Home - Montclaire


3,193 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Home Design – The Silver Springs

Silver Springs

2,825 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Home Plan - Port Townsend
Port Townsend

2,961 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Home Design - The Colorado


3,270 Sq.Ft.


Timber Frame Home Design - The Cedar Bluff

Cedar Bluff

3,407 Sq.Ft.


Multi-Level Log Plan - Torino


3,755 Sq.Ft.

Custom Single-Level Timber Floor Plan – The Hermosa Vista

Hermosa Vista

3,291 Sq.Ft.

Clearwater- Modern Timber Frame Home


2,300 Sq.Ft.