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Welcome to PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Home’s FAQ Blog

If you are thinking about building a log home or timber home you may have many questions about where to begin, what PrecisionCraft offers and how to take the next steps towards breaking ground.  We’ve gathered the questions you’ve asked over the years and have created a Frequently Asked Questions blog to help you find the information you’re looking for. If you are unable to find an answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you sell your timber & log home plans separately?

No, we do not sell our plans. The complexity of our designs require detailed, engineered construction drawings that are not available without going through the design process. These final plans are designed specifically to work with our patented log and timber construction techniques and Insulspan SIP’s. Please keep in mind that our plans are intellectual property protected by copyright and can not be reproduced or used without our consent.

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I saw your ad in a magazine, where can I find the floor plan for the home shown?

In many cases the homes shown in our advertisements are custom and therefore do not have a corresponding layout to view in our floor plan gallery. However, in most cases there are other places within the site to find the layout. Links to these locations are provided on a page which shows our most recent ads.

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How much will my timber or log home cost to build?

Getting a home you’ll love and knowing that its estimated cost is what you are willing and able to pay is the first critical step of any home project. This is why we begin every project with a Feasibility Study. We design your home to match your build site, lifestyle, architectural taste, and budget. With conceptual design drawings and a good understanding of what it will cost to build your entire home, you have the information you need to decide when you should move forward with building your dream home.

During the design of your home, M.T.N Design will contemplate all the major pricing factors (size, complexity, level of home finishes, product choice, build site location, etc.) ensuring that your home design is in sync with your turnkey budget. In addition, your designer will help you understand how each of these factors affects the overall cost of your log or timber frame home.


Where does PrecisionCraft build log homes & timber frame homes?

PrecisionCraft designs and builds custom log homes and timber frame structures in every state in the U.S. and throughout the world. Whether you are building in the United States, Canada or Internationally, we have a Total Home Solution® in place to help make your dream home a reality. View our Build Locations and a map of our homes.


Do you have a log home or timber frame home in my area I can visit?

We do not have model homes. However, for prospects who are ready to start the design process with PrecisionCraft we can usually arrange a tour through one of our clients’ existing homes. We are very grateful to these past clients for letting us into their homes and as such, we don’t invite people on tours until we are sure that PrecisionCraft is a good fit with their needs.


How do I customize one of your log home plans to match my home vision and budget?

Below are some ways in which you can customize one our log or timber home plans:

Whether you are working with one of our plans or starting your from scratch, every client works closely with M.T.N Design, PrecisionCraft’s architectural design division to customize their home. Learn more about the log home design process.


Do you finance, is financing hard to get for a log home?

PrecisionCraft does not finance log or timber homes. However, we have strong relationships with top notch financial institutions. It is important to recognize that getting financed for a log home is different than getting financed for a conventionally framed home. Check here to read more about some things to consider when looking for log home financing.


Which log and timber organizations are you affiliated with?

PrecisionCraft is a member of the Log Homes Council, which is part of the NAHB. The LHC maintains our industry’s log grading program, which certifies our employees in the plant.


Are log homes energy efficient?

Not all log homes are created or built equally. However, with the right manufacturing and construction practices, log homes are very energy efficient! The thermal mass of logs alone retain heat and radiate it back into the home, controlling and reducing cooling and heating energy demand. Read this white paper by the Log Homes Council for more information.

In addition, PrecisionCraft uses SIP roof systems and ICF foundations to improve the overall efficiency of our homes. Learn more about our building system.


How do I get a log home or timber frame home that is built according to the green building standards in my area…or achieve LEED certification?

PrecisionCraft has been involved in the LEED for Homes program since it was in the pilot phase and have had one home certified Gold and another Platinum. With extensive training in sustainable and energy efficient design, M.T.N Design works one-on-one with clients to meet their green building goals. Learn more about designing sustainable log homes.


How long does it take to design and build a log home or timber frame home?

The amount of time that it takes to bring your project from concept to completion can vary greatly depending upon the size of the home you are building, but generally speaking you should plan on a minimum of three months for the conceptual design / feasibility study, another three months for pre-construction planning (design refinement, preparation of final construction documents, and Builder Bid Administration), and a minimum of six months for construction.



What is the upkeep or maintenance on a log or timber frame home?

Like any house, log homes come with their share of maintenance.  Experts in the industry recommend that you do a visual check of the home on a yearly basis.  After the initial finish has been applied you can expect to clean and recoat it about every 3-5 years depending on the home’s location.  You can minimize the upkeep through great design, product, and proper prep work to the logs prior to staining. Using a professional log home stain can also extend the lifespan of your finish and thus protect your home better. Learn more about protecting log homes here.


Product Collaboration – Sashco

Much like a bold color painted on a wall, finding the perfect stain for your home can really help to enhance the visual impact of your logs as well as the home’s overall aesthetic appeal. In this second installment of our Product Collaboration series, we spoke with Karen of Sashco to learn a little about their experience working with PrecisionCraft client, Bob Marks— helping him select the perfect stain to complement  his rustic log home in Evergreen, Colorado.

Tell us a little about the project

Karen: From my perspective Bob’s project was amazing.  It was actually the first site I’ve been invited to visit so I was thrilled.  I was met by his PrecisionCraft Project Manager, Derek Best, who introduced me to Bob.  They walked me through the whole, beautiful house which, at the time, was halfway complete.  I was very impressed with how far they had come with the house so far.  Bob welcomed me to look around and look at the beautiful scenery—he has an amazing view of Evergreen Lake!

How did Bob hear about Sashco?

Karen: I believe Derek, recommended Sashco’s products to Bob.  Through the Start Right Program I’ve worked with PrecisionCraft for years.  More recently I’ve come to know the Project Managers, Derek and Jeff and have found we really work well together to provide our customers with the best products and customer care in the industry.

What made Bob choose to use Sashco?

Karen: Bob was very thorough with his research, and in the end, he found Sashco to be the leader in log finishing products in the country. I believe being a Colorado-based company also helped in his decision.

Were there any unique circumstances?

Karen: This experience was unique only because I actually got to watch the guys “in action”.  A very professional and exciting thing to see!

How did Bob feel about his Sashco stain?

Karen: It’s all in the pictures! The home is absolutely breath taking.  I’m pretty sure Bob feels the same way.  One of the things I love about my job is to see the difference once the home has been stained.  In my experience, most homeowners are so happy once they see their dream home built, but once they see it stained they are just in awe.  Sashco’s stains definitely have that WOW factor.


A big thank you goes out to Karen and Sashco for the time and collaboration they put into this week’s blog post as well as Bob’s one-of-a-kind mountain retreat. You can learn more about Sashco and its product lines, here:

Large-Scale Hybrid Home in Wisconsin

Mike remembers all throughout his childhood, family vacations along the chains of tranquil lakes and the plentiful wildlife of the national forests bordering the Northwoods in Wisconsin. It was these memories that spurred him and his wife, Gayle, to search for a piece of property in Eagle River. The property they chose sits on 4-acres of south-facing waterfront property on the largest chain of lakes in the U.S. With such excellent scenery and fishing available, Mike and Gayle knew they needed an attractive, large-scale wood home to complement their location. Here is the couple’s story of building their ideal wood home with PrecisionCraft.

What made you choose to work with PrecisionCraft?

Mike and Gayle – We chose PrecisionCraft after much research via log home seminars and magazines.  We knew the kind of look and feel we wanted our home to exude, and found that idea to be best matched with PrecisionCraft’s talent and experience.

Part of our decision making process was actually meeting all of the people at PrecisionCraft, touring their manufacturing facility in Idaho, and viewing several homes they built. We were very impressed by their team and knew we had made the right choice.

You based your design off of the Cedar Falls, what inspired you most about this concept? 

Mike and Gayle – We wanted a home that was big, yet practical. We were immediately attracted to the Cedar Falls because it had a striking prow roofline and great room that was optimum for our views. The layout was also practical as it was more or less conducive to our lifestyle.

What were the most important features you wanted your design to include?

Mike and Gayle – The space that was most important to us was the main living area – great room, kitchen, and dining spaces.  We wanted this area to have a ‘wow’ factor while being completely open to make socializing more comfortable for when we entertain guests. We also wanted our design to include large scale logs and wide scallop adzing.  Our designer achieved both of these goals with a great layout and a hybrid building style that combined exposed timber beams and trusses, milled and adzed log walls, and iron supports.

In its completed state, what is your favorite part about your hybrid log and timber home?

Mike and Gayle—We just love the size, scale, and beauty of the exposed timbers and support elements. They create such an impactful image, especially from the kitchen looking out over the great room and beyond to our scenic property.

Anything else you would like to add?

The entire building process with PrecisionCraft and our local builder went extremely well.  We love our PrecisionCraft home and get lots of compliments on it.  Often time’s people say it is the most beautiful home on the chain and we tend to agree.  Thank you PresicionCraft!


Want to see more? Check out Mike and Gayle’s Wisconsin Hybrid Home photo gallery.

Product Collaboration – Windsor Windows

Having an efficient and tight shell for their wood home was an important request for Steve and Patty of Northwest Washington. Their particular design included timber framing and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which were key in creating their shell, but they knew that if their home’s windows were not designed to fit to precision, or were poorly crafted and installed, the integrity of this shell could be compromised. At  PrecisionCraft, we understand the importance of quality materials, that is why we partner with Windsor Windows, utilizing their quality, handcrafted window lines to outfit our homes. Today we spoke with Cathy Leonard, the Marketing Manager at Windsor, about their experience working with these PrecisionCraft clients to help complete their stunning home.

Tell us a little about the project

Cathy: This couple was a very unique and engaged client for Windsor. When our company began working with them, Steve had just retired from his career as a Life Flight helicopter pilot in Texas and the couple had completed their design process with PrecisionCraft—creating their dream home in the Pacific Northwest. These people are hardworking and practical; they were building their dream home but they needed to be mindful of their budget.

 How did the couple hear about Windsor Windows?

Cathy: Having a longstanding relationship with PrecisionCraft, the couple’s Project Manager recommended they look at Windsor’s Pinnacle Clad windows for the high quality the homeowners desired but also the great value the windows would provide.

What made them choose to use Windsor?

Cathy: Steve and Patty compared the various window products in PrecisionCraft’s showroom and decided that Windsor’s Pinnacle Clad product was the perfect solution to meet their needs. They appreciated the beefy appearance, structural stability, and energy performance that the Windsor products offered. In addition, the window’s alder wood interiors and black hardware provided them with the décor they were striving to achieve.

Were there any unique circumstances?

Cathy: The windows for this project had a special set of needs because the arched windows had to fit precisely with the home’s SIP envelope. Since the main floor and basement were framed in a more conventional manner and the top floor was a SIP enclosure, the openings were of different dimensions. Therefore, the jamb widths for the various windows had to be custom entered for each opening.

How did the couple feel about their Windsor Windows?

Cathy: The couple was extremely pleased with the end result. Once their builder, the Johnson Brothers, had installed the windows, Patty exclaimed, “Nice touch on the Windsor Windows. They are absolutely gorgeous.”


We’d like to thank Cathy and Windsor Windows for the time and collaboration they put into this week’s blog post as well as Steve and Patty’s dream home. You can learn more about Windsor and its product lines, here: