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12 Tips to a Better Timber Home

You’ve dreamt of how that log or timber frame home would look after all of the time you have invested in brainstorming and planning. Now your designers are finally beginning to put that dream to paper. But before you take that image of your home from paper to construction, the staff at Timber Home Living has put together a list of 12 tips highlighting specific design aspects to consider, as you work with your architect. Below we have included some of our favorites from that list and a link to the rest of their article to read more.

1.       Enclosed Porches

As industry trends change and develop, the popularity of outdoor living spaces has become a predominant feature in wood homes. For locations with distinct seasons, enclosing those spaces will allow all-year enjoyment and provide protection from harsh weather and bugs.

2.       Consolidate Dining

In many homes, dining rooms, breakfast nooks, and island bars overload the category of eating spaces and often times rooms like the formal dining room go unused for the better part of the year. By consolidating these spaces into one, large comfortable area, more space becomes available for other specialty rooms or uses.

3.       Outdoor Thinking

Decks, porches and outdoor living spaces are a great way to add square footage to your home as well as increase your home’s interaction with the surrounding land. Private balconies and gazebos can also increase the private, quiet enjoyment of the nature outside the home.

4.       Fireplace Location

Considering how many fireplaces will be in a home’s design and where they will go plays an important role in the flow and function of the main living spaces. Double or multisided fireplaces can save space and money by warming several rooms in the home simultaneously instead of purchasing two separate ones.

5.       Plan Ahead

When a person makes the decision to build a log or timber frame home, they are not only thinking about how the home will be used in the present, but for their future and that of their posterity. Considering factors like the use of stairs in conjunction with the master bedroom in the home’s design and if it may one day become a challenge to use them is great forward thinking.


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