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A ‘Forever’ Dream Coming True

Living just north of Olympia, Washington, Bonnie and Rick have always envisioned a wood home surrounded by forest and equipped with the space to facilitate their daily routine and hobbies. Upon finding a site on Harstine Island they realized that this property provided the pristine greenery and secluded tranquility they were searching for in a location. They turned to PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Frame Homes with the perfect property in hand, to begin the process of building the timber frame home they’d been dreaming of.

As construction is set to begin, Bonnie has graciously agreed to answer a few questions about their family’s experiences so far.

What drew you to PrecisionCraft?

We’ve always been drawn to the style and feel of PrecisionCraft homes. They have this distinctive look—from their bold fascia to the unique Boston ridge.  The outside of their homes are so massive and beautiful— they’ve always left me wanting to tour the inside.    

Were you able to design and modify the plans from your home to get exactly what you were looking for?

We’ve dreamed of this house for so many years, we have even had a sketch drawn out of what we wanted for I think ‘forever’.  So, it was as simple as presenting Mountain Architect’s designer, Robert, with our sketch, and he literally was able to make our dream home come to life. We started with a design that ended up being too big for our budget.  Keeping our original design in mind, Robert was able to downsize the square footage and the final design was equally as beautiful.  He’s a talented man!

How has your experience been thus far?

Our overall experience with PrecisionCraft has been excellent. We started off our relationship with the company through our area’s sales representative, Mark Camper. He was great to work with. He answered all our questions and was quite informative on building a custom timber frame home.  We always knew that we would choose a home design with PrecisionCraft, so I guess you could say we were an easy sale!

Since then, we have worked with Robert on the design of our home.  His architectural expertise has been invaluable.  It’s amazing what he did with just a sketch from us. No matter how many questions I may have, he always takes the time to answer them thoroughly. He has just been wonderful to work with.

We have also utilized Mountain Architects’ interior design services.  Celeste was so helpful in assisting us with the design for our cabinets and lighting.  Where our imagination dropped off, she would pick it up from there and give us options that we never thought of.  I highly recommend this additional service.

We’ve also had the pleasure of working with our project coordinator, Dan Geis.  He is always there making sure our job is on schedule and keeping us updated.  He’s never too busy to assist me with any question I have on our home.  We’re still in the middle of the process with PrecisionCraft, but Dan has continued to show us such professionalism and genuine concern for our project.



What are you looking forward to the most about your new custom home?

Having dreamt of this home for so long, I believe what we look forward to the most is just walking in the front door and taking it all in.  To actually be walking through our dream house, for real—that will truly be a dream come true.

Anything else you would like to add?

Based on our experience so far, I know the remainder of the project will be as equally positive as it has been over the last several months.  It’s been just great and I can’t wait to be able to come home and pull up to this beautiful home that PrecisionCraft and Mountain Architects help make a reality!