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A Project Manager’s Perspective – Part 1

Being a company with over twenty years of experience in the log and timber home industry, we not only have a long track record of designing our client’s homes based on unique quality and craftsmanship, but we also have had plenty of partnerships with these clients actually building their log homes. With each home stacked, memories have been made for both the clients and the PrecisionCraft crew members. We sat down with Phil, one of our Project Managers, to have him tell us what it is like to be a part of the experience of someone’s dream home coming to life right before their eyes.

Phil, Project Manager

Timber Frame StructureEvery timber installation is unique and exciting in its own way. Even taking into account my personal impressions of our stunning home designs and the beautiful project sites I get to visit all around the country and beyond, it is the people who make each project’s log and timber installation memorable for me. It is quite a feeling to realize what a large role you are playing in the final stages of bringing someone’s home to life. Their homes weren’t just planned overnight, they were dreams molded with time and careful planning to make a log and timber home perfectly suited to their exact specifications. Being a part of that moment when these dreams and planning take physical form and witnessing a dream holder finally putting their own two hands on what they created, is something very special.

While I have been a part of many of these moments, there is one in particular that stands out for me. Kelly and Marie’s project site was located on a steep bluff overlooking a pristine valley floor in a mountainous region of Idaho. Now, in the home’s finished state, I would love to be sitting with them next to a burning fire Timber Frame Home Exteriorbehind picture windows, warmly taking in their view of the pristine and snow covered valley floor, but during the timber installation that particularly snowy December, we were completely exposed to the elements. The days were long, cold and wet with hard worked hours, but when we rigged the crane straps and lifted those beautiful log walls into place, I no longer felt the cold and wind-driven snow. At that moment, I was and will ever be a critical part of that family’s dream coming into reality.

From the time of my first stack with PrecisionCraft and Mountain Architects to today, I can proudly say that I have played a key role in bringing dreams like Kelly and Marie’s to reality from Alaska to Florida, everywhere in between and even overseas.