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PrecisionCraft on ADA-Compliant Home Designs

In a recent survey we conducted, a question came up that we would like to address. The question was in regards to plans designed specifically for ADA compliance. In today’s article we will answer this question as we go over what ADA guidelines mean for a home’s design and how PrecisionCraft works with ADA needs for specific projects.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a set of home design guidelines created to ensure that a home is equipped and suitable for needs pertaining to a homeowner with a disability. Specifications such as path of travel and proportions are common considerations during the design process, to make sure that paths in the home are wide enough, unobstructed and easy to access. 

Ultimately, the answer to why we do not have specific ADA-compliant design concepts is found within our custom design services. When we showcase our variety of floor plan concepts, our mission is to provide you inspiration that will spur your own unique design. Our design team is here to build you a home that fits your style and specific needs while capturing the essence of that certain look that has caught your eye. Therefore, any of our plans can be customized to fit with ADA requirements.

Design alterations happen in every home design; when a project requires an ADA-compliant home we know we will need to include wide, open floor plans and paths as well as no-step entries. Typically, we see clients with ADA requirements who are attracted to our single-level plans. Height adjustments for appliances, countertops, railings, and door knobs are also features we commonly review during the design process that have proven helpful with meeting ADA guidelines.


You can also find more information about our customization services on our website.

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