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American Style, Foreign Soil

Timber Home in Mediterranean

Timber Home in the Mediterranean

It stands to reason that when considering building in the mountains, you’re also looking for a mountain-style home.  But what if your mountain of choice is outside U.S. borders?  Building a log home internationally can be done, but it makes your choice of a log home company even more important.

When shopping for a log home provider, shorten your list by eliminating any that don’t have experience building in a foreign country.  A solid understanding of various import requirements, labor laws and permitting agencies will reduce the time that has to be spent on such things, meaning your home’s groundbreaking takes place sooner.  Your provider should also have access to a variety of woods and types of wood processing.  Wood species not native to the country in which you’re building may require more paperwork to get into the country, and some may be prohibited entirely.  Some countries require radio-frequency kiln dried logs and timbers due to the prevailing climate.  All these considerations need to be taken into account at the outset of a project if it is to be completed on time and within budget.

PrecisionCraft has worked in a number of foreign countries and has always been able to help clients find the best building solutions for their projects.  Sometimes that means just providing design services and product; in other cases we have provided complete design-build.  Whatever the extent of the services we provided, managing in-country logistics was the key to our successful foreign projects.  Getting the product and materials to foreign shores, for example, is just the beginning – they still have to be moved within the country and manipulated on site.  How will that be done?  By whom?  PrecisionCraft’s project management teams have been trained and are experienced in coordinating long-distance projects.

Building your dream home in your dream location will be an adventure.  Be sure to choose a long home provider that will make it the good kind.