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Welcome to PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Home’s FAQ Blog

If you are thinking about building a log home or timber home you may have many questions about where to begin, what PrecisionCraft offers and how to take the next steps towards breaking ground.  We’ve gathered the questions you’ve asked over the years and have created a Frequently Asked Questions blog to help you find [...]

PrecisionCraft on ADA-Compliant Home Designs

In a recent survey we conducted, a question came up that we would like to address. The question was in regards to plans designed specifically for ADA compliance. In today’s article we will answer this question as we go over what ADA guidelines mean for a home’s design and how PrecisionCraft works with ADA needs [...]

Taxes: What to Know Before You Begin Your Project

For many people beginning their custom log home project, taxes are not something they typically include in their initial list of things to consider. While taxes are something that you do not need to focus on right from the get-go, it is an important part of your budget and deserves contemplation. This week we spoke [...]

The Challenges and Opportunities of Building on a Slope

  Living in the temperate climate of San Diego, Don and his family were looking for a place they could enjoy their favorite winter pastime, skiing. Purchasing a desirable piece of property on a ski resort in South Tahoe, Don knew he would need to find a company that could not only build the mountain [...]

Why Can’t I Find Smaller Floor Plan Concepts?

While we display over 70 floor plan concepts of various sizes and ranging from 1,500 to over 7,000 square feet, we are often asked: ‘Why don’t you have more smaller plans to choose from?’ The reason we do not display an abundance of smaller plans is because of the complexity of our designs. Design Complexity [...]

What Will My Home Look Like?

For those of you who have been dreaming about your log home for years, you probably have a definite vision of what it will look like when you close your eyes. But, how do you know if your architect will share your vision? How does the image in your mind transform into the physical home [...]