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Is it Possible to Finance a Log Home Project?

Is it possible to finance a Log Home project today?  Yes, but be prepared to supply a lot of documentation and to communicate the specifics of the project with the lender. Financing a home today is much different than it was a couple of years ago.  Lenders are more cautious than in the past and […]

How Do You Compare Costs?

Price is an important factor for most people looking to build a custom home. If you are not familiar with how the wood home industry pricing systems differ from company to company your initial interactions can be frustrating. When comparing log home companies it is important to understand log homes can be designed and built […]

What is a Turnkey Budget?

Most of our clients dream for years about building the log home or timber frame home of their dreams. Whether as a refuge for their family, a place to get back to nature, a custom designed log & timber home is a reward for a lifetime of accomplishment. But like everything else in life, cost […]

What Should I Know About Financing a Log Home?

As you begin the process of financing your log or timber frame home, you will find that there are some differences compared to financing a conventional home. The following is a list of things to consider: Selecting A Lender Look for a loan officer who is experienced in construction lending, preferably experienced in log homes […]

What Do I Need to Know About Taxes?

For many people beginning their custom log home project, taxes are not something they typically include in their initial list of things to consider. However, taxes are an important expense to  budget and deserve contemplation early on in your project. Kym Hurst, PrecisionCraft’s Vice President of Finance, has answered some common questions below regarding taxes […]

How Do I Choose a Floor Plan?

At PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design, we expect all of our clients to modify or customize their final timber or log home design in some way. In many cases, we will even create their floor plan from scratch.  However, a custom design has to start somewhere. Our floor plan gallery was created to show many styles, […]