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Share, Save and Send Plans

For those of you who are frequent visitors to our Log and Timber Home Blog, you may have noticed that little bar at the bottom of each post that gives you the option to “share.” This button is located in many locations throughout the PrecisionCraft website and is a tool that makes it easy to [...]

When Do I Need to Get Serious?

You’ve read the magazines, you’ve researched countless companies and you have made the decision to embark on the journey towards building and owning your own log or timber home. Now it is no secret that homes aren’t built over night, the average log or timber home can take anywhere from 1-5 years to complete from [...]

Glossary Terms

We in the log and timber home industry sometimes forget that terminology we use on a daily basis may be new to those who are just starting to investigate their dream of owning a mountain style home – or even those who have been looking around for years.  This week we take a second to [...]

Fire Prevention Landscaping

Is a log home more susceptible to fire damage than a conventionally framed house? Seeing the exposed logs might lead some to make that quick assumption and statistics have even tried to prove that more log homes perish in fires than stick built homes. It may not surprise you to know that the most influential [...]

Purchasing Land

What considerations should you make when deciding where to buy your land? The Log Homes Council has a list of tips to help you find a deal on the property that’s right for you.  We’ve excerpted a few of them here, but be sure to see them all at Start Shopping Online Begin your [...]

Making Educated Price Comparisons

Although you dream about how your log or timber home will look when you first walk through the door, price is still an important factor for most people looking to build a custom home. If you are not familiar with how the wood home industry pricing systems differ from company to company your initial interactions [...]