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Stock or Custom Floor Plans

The search for your dream mountain style home often begins with trying to find the right floor plan.  As you start your search you might find websites that show or sell log home plans.  You might purchase magazines that showcase floor plans, and of course most manufacturers will have plans listed on their websites.  While [...]

Codes, Loads and Other Specifications

You have the land and you have a design concept, but before the actual home can be built there are many plan specifications which must be understood, addressed and handled before actual construction can begin. What do these include? Who is responsible? How important are they? We address them all in this week’s article. What [...]

How Long ‘Til My Log Home Is Built?

Soon there will come a day when you decide that you are finally ready to kick-start your dream of building a custom mountain home.  Even though you will have waited so long already (maybe you are waiting for retirement or the sale of an existing property) you may find that your wood home can’t be [...]

Deciphering and Understanding Log Home Plans

We sometimes forget that everyone doesn’t spend every day dealing with and looking at architectural designs for log and timber homes.  For most of you, the first time you ever saw a floor plan was when you first decided that building a custom home was an idea you might like to pursue.  Even if you [...]

Choosing a Floor Plan

You know that you want to build a wood home. You know your preference of log or timber construction, and you know about how much space you need. You may even have started to sketch out where rooms might be placed, and what kind of specialty spaces you would like to add. But how do [...]

Confidence in Your Design

The design phase of your timber or log home project is one of the most exciting. From the moment you start gathering photos and plan ideas, until you see the first incarnation of your home’s design, you are consumed with the details of your home’s look and layout. During this process, it is common to [...]