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Beautiful Timber and Log Home Photos

Many people love to browse through our site and look at the beautiful images of log and timber homes we have built around the country. These photos help us convey the quality and creativity of our designs, as well as inspire hundreds of people to start their own journey toward living in their mountain style home. Obviously, this images come from somewhere so we thought that we would take a moment to highlight a couple of the people behind these amazing pictures.

Log Home Exterior

Photo by Roger Wade

We have been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful photographers over the years, and we would like to highlight two of our favorites.  Roger Wade has been taking pictures of our log homes for over 5 years and his photos have graced the covers of many industry magazines.  We asked Roger to take a moment and tell us how he got into the business and what he likes about photographing these magnificent wood homes. Here is what he said:

“When I moved from New York in 1985 to the remote Swan Valley in Montana, one of my earliest jobs was peeling logs for a local log home producer in Condon. I was paid by the foot , it was winter time and the logs were covered with 2 inches of ice. It took me a full day to peel two spruce logs, I think my pay for the day averaged to about $2.50 an hour! With a degree in photography, and experience working in the photography industry in New York City, I decided it might be wiser to photograph these projects rather than peel their logs! That was the beginning of my career in photographing log homes, 25 years ago, and I have been photographing architecture ever since. My wife, Debbie, works with me as my stylist and assistant. We enjoy our profession immensely, traveling around the country photographing homes for clients and meeting wonderful homeowners, each with their own special story.”

Timber Frame Great Room

Photo by Heidi A. Long

You may be wondering if it takes special knowledge to photograph log and timber homes. Due to the large amounts of wood in a typical mountain style home, a photographer needs to have a firm understanding of how the light plays off of the wood.  Someone without experience could end up with photos that are extremely orange or yellow, depending on the stain color.  This is not an issue for Heidi Long, one of our other favorite photographers.  Heidi started taking pictures for us a couple of years ago and has done such a great job, she is a top choice.  Here is what Heidi had to say about taking shots of our homes:

“What’s not to love about photographing log and timber homes? I get to travel to different regions, meet all manner of diverse and interesting people, and see beautiful architecture and craftsmanship. While I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of translating what I see into photographic images (how to portray the “feeling” a room evokes or highlight a particular point of design), I’m even more delighted with the notion that I get to share my experience with hundreds of thousands of others. And for this I get paid! How cool is that?”
So for those of you who love to look at photos of our homes, now you know a little about some of the people who take them.

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  1. Kayla says:

    Wow! These Log Homes are amazing! When inside, of a Log Home, I feel so, calm. It makes and gives you the feeling to want to go and lay at a lake, or ride a boat. “outdoor activities”.