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Build Green and Save Green

Being motivated to build a greener log home and knowing how to do it are two different things, and once you bring the budget into the picture the sustainable building process can become shrouded in a green fog.  A recent article from the Log Homes Council will give you a clear picture of 11 affordable – even free – green building ideas you might want to consider for your home.  We’re previewing some of them here, but be sure to check out all 11 at the Log Home Council.

Green, Greener & Greenest
To start, there are different levels of green building with often times corresponding increases in cost the greener you go. Analyze your motivation. Are you seeking a financial or an emotional return on investment? Prioritize what’s important to you and then communicate that to your log home manufacturer and builder.

Green Positioning
Provided your construction site isn’t at the bottom of a canyon or in northern latitudes, orienting your home to benefit from passive solar gain can save you up to 40 percent on heating and cooling costs. An experienced architect can help position your home on the site to benefit from the sun’s path in different seasons. The strategy is free and one can save as much as $500 a year in heating and cooling costs.

Tighten Up That Envelope
Most conventional homes perform as if a window has been left open year round.  You can change this by opting for increased insulation in the roof of your new home, which can save as much as 50 percent off heating costs and eliminate the need for air conditioning in some latitudes. If you want to bump up your performance even more, upgrade your windows and opt for a thicker diameter log.

Specify Energy Efficient Appliances
To reduce operating costs, opt for Energy Star rated appliances, electrical and plumbing fixtures. With a close eye on your budget and careful choices in appliances, you can end up with a log home that’s energy efficient and good for your health as well.

To learn more about green building and design with PrecisinCraft Log Homes visit our green log home pages.