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A Homeowner’s Account Of Building In The Alaskan Winter

At PrecisionCraft, our client’s needs and expectations are something we value and strive to meet with every project. We keep in contact through the process, getting feedback on our performance is such an important phase in these individual’s lives. Erik and Lisa are a couple building their dream home in the midst of an Alaskan winter whom we thought had an interesting story to share with our readers. Below, Lisa has graciously answered a few questions about their experience with PrecisionCraft thus far.

What drew you to PrecisionCraft?

After some experience with local architects, we felt that they just weren’t able to capture the type of mountain home we were looking for. We had a vision of large timbers and warm, well-thought out spaces, and a floor plan conducive to Alpine living and the needs of little skiers. We didn’t see anything that came close to our vision in Alaska, yet have seen such homes spattering areas such as Whistler, Sun Valley, and Vail. Having seen PrecisionCraft featured in trade magazines, as well as on the web. We liked the array of floor plans, and found that looking at already established, well-conceived floor plans was more helpful than us blindly brainstorming.

Were you able to design and modify the plans for your home to get exactly what you were looking for?

We had initially hoped we could expedite our building process by choosing one of the existing floor plans, and customizing it to meet our needs. However, upon thoughtful consideration by Mountain Architects, PrecisionCraft’s design team, and further discussions with us, we elected to have the home custom designed to fit our lot and our needs. At this point in our process, it is very consistent with our vision.

How has your experience been so far?

During our visit to PrecisionCraft, our phone meetings, and our on-site meetings, we found a team that is friendly, accommodating, professional, and pleasant. Everyone we have worked with has been competent, professional, and just all-around nice people. When we had the pleasure of having dinner with the framing team, we couldn’t imagine a nicer group of people to have building our home and we were thrilled to be able to meet the team that erected the timbers, and made the home come to life!

How has it been constructing your home in the Alaskan winter? Erik and Lisa's Home in Construction

We knew we were embarking on an adventure by deciding to push construction through the winter. With record snow falls, 100 mph winds, and power outages, our builder has certainly had his challenges. Yet, we are still on schedule, largely due to the careful planning and timeline structured by PrecisionCraft, and the support they have provided to our builder. The timber framers didn’t seem phased at all by the impending snow storm and sub zero temperatures that greeted them upon their arrival. They barely stopped to drink coffee and hot chocolate when we attempted to cheer them with a warm up!

Anything else you would like to add?

We are thrilled with our experience with PrecisionCraft. We can’t wait to see the final product, and we are glad they are still available to us for help on material choices and product selections. We consider the team as friends, and we look forward to their future visits to Alaska for other projects.


  1. Dan says:

    We expect to build a timber frame home on our land Indian, AK within the next five years. Do you have any finished photos of your house? How long did the total construction take compared to planned time? Do you have any advice or recommendations for building in Alaska?

  2. Danielle says:

    Hello Dan,

    This home is nearing completion. You can find progression photos of the home here:

    I would love to connect you with our Alaska representative, Mark Camper. He is the one who worked with this couple in the beginning of their project. Could I give your email to Mark to contact you?

    Marketing Specialist